Flowers are fabulous! Just like you, we are so happy to be able to work with them every day. At this blog we offer you floral design inspiration and extensive product information, and we hope to boost your creativity.

Watch video tutorials, read articles, discover mood boards, and much more to get inspired! Learn all about the flowers, greens, and branches you love at our #flowerwiki section: lots of product information and care tips.

Cooler Beauts WK 34 | Holex Flower
Cooler Picks

Cooler Beauts

Painted Quercus is back! We have placed the yellow painted on our Cooler Beauts list together with stunning beauties that are ready for you to be ordered! Check out our…

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Flowerwiki Heliconia | Holex Flower


Origin Heliconia originates from South-America and some of the southern islands in the Pacific. When the flower was first discovered in 1786, it was initially classified as part of the…

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Floral Forecast

Holex USA: Cape Mix Bouquets

Intaba Flowersis our main supplier of Cape Flora and is part of the Dutch Flower Group. Their strength lies in their partnerships with a large number of local growers of…

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Design Inspiration

Our Favorite Late Summer Flowers

The end of the summer is approaching. This also means the availability of cut flowers is changing. To help you and your customers we’ve created a list of our favorite…

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Origin The Agapanthus, commonly known as lily of the Nile (or African lily in the UK) is native to the Southern parts of Africa. It mainly grows in shaded areas…

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