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Flowers are fabulous! Just like you, we are so happy to be able to work with them every day. At this blog we offer you floral design inspiration and extensive product information, and we hope to boost your creativity.

Watch video tutorials, read articles, discover mood boards, and much more to get inspired! Learn all about the flowers, greens, and branches you love at our #flowerwiki section: lots of product information and care tips.

Dutch Market Update
Floral Forecast

Dutch Market Update Week 30

Make sure you are fully informed of the Dutch floral market and read our Dutch Market Update! Great news! Vaccination in The Netherlands is progressing rapidly. We can see the…

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Clematis Wholesale Guide | Holex Flower

Clematis Wholesale Guide

Such a romantic flower, the Clematis! We all know it as a garden plant, but also as a cut flower, Clematis will conquer the hearts of your customers quickly! The…

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Scabiosa Wholesale Guide | Holex Flower

Scabiosa Wholesale Guide

Oh, those amazing Scabiosa! It’s such a versatile flower, it can be used in any kind of design style. Its flowers burst out happiness, and this will be appreciated during…

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Peony Wholesale Guide | Holex Flower

Peony Wholesale Guide

There are more than 3000 different Peony varieties. The most famous one is Sarah Bernhardt. This Peony was found in 1906 and is named after the French actress Sarah Bernhardt.…

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