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Flowers are fabulous! Just like you, we are so happy to be able to work with them every day. At this blog we offer you floral design inspiration and extensive product information, and we hope to boost your creativity.

Watch video tutorials, read articles, discover mood boards, and much more to get inspired! Learn all about the flowers, greens, and branches you love at our #flowerwiki section: lots of product information and care tips.

Red | All about the color Red | Holex Flower

What do Red Flowers Mean?

There are lots of occasions on which we give each other red flowers. The most noticeable being giving red Roses for Valentine’s Day or to someone that you (secretly) love.…

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Rose Flowerwiki Holex Flower Blog

Roses 101 | Varieties, Availability, Care & Ordering

The queen of the flowers, and by far the most popular cut flower is the rose. Roses have been praised for centuries for their beauty, the history of this flower goes far back in time. The Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, and Romans were already familiar with this flower and used the flower in different rituals.

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