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Webshop Tips

Which views should be available to me in the webshop?

Which browsers are the most popular?

To assist you in choosing which is the best browser to use with our webshop, we have created a browser popularity chart.

In this chart, you see an overview of the browsers that our webshop users are currently using.

Is my internet speed is sufficient for a good performance?

You might be wondering if your internet speed is sufficient to get the best webshop experience. We have a tool available to you, which allows you to measure your current internet speed.

To access our internet speed measurement tool, please click on the button under the Speed-o-Meter image. Once on the Speed-o-Meter page, a click on the large GO button will start the test. Please, wait for the test to complete (depending on your connection, this will take roughly 30-40 seconds).

After the test has ended, a COPY LINK button will appear. When you click on this button, an URL gets copied onto your Clipboard.

You could paste this URL into the Message Box on our Contact Form if you want our Support department to troubleshoot possible issues you might be experiencing.

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