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Wholesale florist – How can I become a Holex customer?

Holex: your source to a complete range of flowers and greenery

Nowadays, the Internet offers a wide window to all available flowers, greens and branches. Instagram is filled with floral design pictures that carry a plethora of flowers and greenery from all over the world. Your customers expect these products to be available in YOUR range! Stop giving “no” for an answer when customers ask you for products you aren’t able to buy: Holex offers them all! For over 35 years we deliver globally sourced high-quality flowers and greens to any destination worldwide.

Become a Holex customer and make sure you can serve your customers all they need!

How can I start buying flowers from Holex?

As a wholesale florist, the following steps apply to become a Holex customer:

Step 1: Subscribe

Fill in the contact form at our website.

Step 2: Intake

A Holex Account Manager will contact you to discuss your specific needs and wishes. What kind of business are you in, which type of flowers do you need, at which days would you like to order and at what days would you like to receive your shipments? The Account Manager will demonstrate our webshop and together you will finalize your webshop account set-up.

Step 3: Webshop Access

You receive your webshop credentials and can log in to the webshop. The Account Manager and Webshop Support Team will be available for any questions you might have.

Step 4. Place order

When you have found the flowers of your choice, you can put them in the online shopping cart. Each product placed in the shopping cart will be send to you at the selected date. When you are finished, you can sign out and a confirmation email will be send to your email address.

Step 5: Receive shipment

You receive your first shipment of Holex flowers. Visit our website for extensive product information, care & handling tips, and floral design inspiration.

Step 6: Evaluate

The Account Manager contacts you to discuss your first shipment experience, and will give suggestions on which specific products you can order best for your next shipment.

Contact Us Now!

Fill in our contact form to get in touch, and to set-up a webshop account so you can start buying Holex products!

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