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17 Preserved and Dried Flowers That You Can Order Now

Dried flowers are immensely popular nowadays, and that trend doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

At Holex Flower obviously love the smell and ambiance of a vase filled with fresh-cut flowers. But, we also adore the charm and benefits of dried flowers, because they happen to have some very particular benefits:

  • Dried flowers are low maintenance, which makes them an ideal gift for that loveable but scattered uncle that loves to have flowers in his home, but always forgets to water them.
  • For that same reason, dried flowers are an excellent choice for events, lobby pieces, or other on-site flower arrangements.
  • These two reasons boil down to one of the prime benefits of dried flowers: their extremely extensive vase-life, which is unparalleled by any other fresh-cut flower.

So, time to stock up on some dried flowers, right?

That’s exactly what we thought, which is why we added not one, not two, not three, but 17 new dried flowers to our webshop.

Ambernut White Wash

Daphnoides Dried Red

Eucalyptus Bellegum Orange Metallic

Leucadendron Platyspermum Bleached

Plumosum Preserved Bleached

Protea Compacta White Wash

Protea Rosett Bleached


Vanosium White Washed

Berkheya White Wash

Daphnoides Dried White

Eucalyptus Spidergum


Protea Compacta Bleached

Protea Repens White Wash

Protea Rosett White Wash

Typha Dark Zebra

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