Cooler Beauts Week 2

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We have colorful eye-catchers in this Cooler Beauts Week 2. From the blue Muscari, to red Ranunculus, green Eucalyptus and white Syringa. Check them out below!

Amaryllis Costa Blanca | Holex Flower

Amaryllis Costa Blanca

Such a bright, white colored Amaryllis that is great for winter designs. A well deserved spot in our Cooler Beauts week 2.

Calla Pink Jewel | Holex Flower

Calla Pink Jewel

Combine this Calla together with yellow flowers and you'll be amazed what a wonderful combination that is!

Eucalyptus Baby Blue | Holex Flower

Eucalyptus Baby Blue

One of the most elegant Eucalyptus varieties that deserves more than just to be used as a filler in designs. It is a beauty by itself.

Lisianthus Celebrich Crystal White | Holex Flower

Lisianthus Celebrich Crystal White

It's hard to find a other Lisianthus variety that has a more pure white color than this one. Stunning!

Muscari Alida | Holex Flower

Muscari Alida

Small, but oh so colorful! One of our favorite flowers to use in Easter designs as well.

Ranunculus Cloony Rosa | Holex Flower

Ranunculus Cloony Rosa

When this Ranunculus opens, you'll be surprised about the size of the flower head!

Syringa White | Holex Flower

Syringa (Lilac) White

The beautiful Syringa is available now! Such an unique flower and a great story behind the product and how its grown.