Cooler Beauts WK 46

When you look at the colors of our selection for this week you would almost think it’s summer. Great happy colors like the yellow, orange, pink and classic colored Hydrangeas. Surprise your customers with these marvelous flowers, greens and branches from Holland and make sure your range consists out of these amazing products!

Cooler Beauts 46 - Holex Flower


Cooler Beauts Week 46

  1. Chrysanthemum Armgard Yellow – Bright yellow is an amazing color in this time of year!
  2. Tulip Maureen – One of our favorite French Tulips!
  3. Tulip Queensday – A orange colored variety. Wonderful
  4. Rose Lily Viola – What more to say.. what a beautiful pastel colored flower.
  5. Chrysanthemum Armgard Bronze – If you’re looking for a darker colored brown/bronze instead of yellow, this is your choice.
  6. Lisianthus Megalo Shosha Champagne – What a beautiful variety. Lisiantus work well in every type of flower design.
  7. Hydrangea Pimpernel Classic Aubergine – Amazing blue/purple tones!
  8. Hydrangea Ruby Red Classic – Stunning colors in this classic Hydrangea! Really beautiful red/greens.