Cooler Beauts WK 47

With Christmas coming next month, we’ve selected great winter and already a few seasonal Christmas products for this weeks Cooler Beauts. The flowers are great for any floral design. Bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, you name it. Surprise your customers with these marvelous flowers, greens and branches from Holland and make sure your range consists out of these amazing products!

Cooler Beauts Week 47 | Holex Flower


Cooler Beauts Week 47

  1. Helleborus Winter Bells – Helleborus is one of the most famous winter flowers. Winterbells matches great in bohemian, soft pastel designs because of its very pale light green colored flowers.
  2. Kochia Scoparia – Kochia had an amazing wintery look and will certainly add texture to any floral design.
  3. Tulip Furand – Red Tulips fit great in any floral design. Combine them with white for a stunning combination.
  4. Tulip Super Parrot – This stunning Parrot Tulip variety has a great vaselife, and brings freshness to every décor where it is displayed!
  5. Skimma Painted Gold – If you’re looking for a darker colored brown/bronze instead of yellow, this is your choice.
  6. Hydrangea Ruby Red Classic This beautiful Hydrangea variety cannot be missed in your holiday range!
  7. Tulip Royal Virgin – Bright white colored. Or go for assorted Tulips with white, red and green.
  8. Ilex Verticillata Extra – Hence the name: this Ilex has extra quality, and extra berries on the branches.
  9. Ilex Mr. Blue Prince – This Ilex variety (beware: without berries!) is perfect foliage for floral winter holiday decorations. Great to use as filler in bouquets, but also perfect for wreath decoration!