Cooler Beauts WK 48

Everybody is busy making preparations for Christmas. That’s why our cooler is also filled with beautiful Christmas products that you can use in centerpieces, bouquets, wreaths or any other floral design. This week we have a lot of dyed flowers in our Cooler Beauts. 

Surprise your customers with these marvelous flowers, greens and branches from Holland and make sure your range consists out of these amazing products!

  1. Tulip Victor Mundi – This Tulip is great for Christmas because of it’s intense red color.
  2. Chameacyparis Green – One of the favorite greens used in floral Christmas designs.
  3. Ilex Frost – This Ilex is covered with a frost layer for a more wintery look.
  4. Ruscus Bubble White – The little balls covered on the leaves give this green more texture.
  5. Ruscus Bubble Red – The red version. Great in combination with white.
  6. Eryngium Dyed Gold + Glitter – Give your designs a more classy, rich look or use it for New Year’s Eve designs.
  7. Skimmia Painted White + Glitter – The white and glitters on this Skimma make it look like ice.
  8. Ruscus Painted Red + Red Glitters – This Ruscus looks wonderful if you use it in a bunch.