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Cooler Beauts

Dahlia’s, dahlia’s everywhere in this week’s Cooler Beauts! But there’s a lot more new arrivals to discover as well. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling!

Daucus Corota

Daucus Corota is sure to pop right out of any flower arrangement!

Double Field Daffodil

Available for a short time only, so get them while you can: these beautiful Double Field Daffodils!

Leucojum Aestivum

Looking for an elegant and minimalistic touch for bouquets and flower arrangements? Leucojum Aestivum is the way to go!

Dahlia Black Fox

A classy Dahlia that is a great addition to any centerpiece.

Dahlia Orange Fox

Dahlia Orange Fox is like a little sun, reminding us that summer will return!

Dahlia Red Fox

Last but not least: Dahlia Red Fox is probably the most romantic of all the Dahlia’s on this list. A deep red that symbolizes love.

Lavandula Stoechas

Speaking about smell: why not add some Lavandula Stoechas to your inventory to attract the attention of your customers?

Dahlia Purple Fox

If you’re looking for something that seems to jump from your design, Purple is the Fox that you need.

Hyacinth Apricot Passion

Hyacinth Apricot Passion combines that typical Hyacinth smell with some beautiful, small pink flowers.

Single Tulips

This week we wanted to put our Single Tulips in the spotlights. You can read all about why these are some of our personal favorite flowers here.

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