Cooler Beauts

Week 12

Our selected Cooler Beauts of this week consists of great varieties like Allium Schubertii, Pieris Japonica Select, Teleopa Waratah and a stunning Tulip variety that we won’t give away yet…..Check out our list below and order them right now in our webshop!

Allium Schubertii

Allium Schubertii

Allium Schubertii is a very excentric flower. It sure will get the attention that it deserves because of it’s special looks!

Cymbidium Danny Green

Cymbidium Danny Green

Unlike the name suggests, Cymbidium Danny Green is a bright white variety with dark red lips.


Jasmine cutflower

Use Jasmine as green filler for a change! Or wind the branches around a frame that you use in your designs. There is a lot that is possible with Jasmine.

Pieris Japonica Select

Pieris Japonica

The white flowers of Pieris Japonica Select look like little bells that are hanging down. A highly decorative cutflower.

Telopea Waratah

Warath Telopea red cutflower

The Telopea is part of the Protea family and also has a very firm and strong stem and flower. Telopea looks great in an exotic bouquet.

Tulip Octopus

Octopus double Tulip

This double Tulip variety has beautiful markings on the petals and a heart where the wrinkles reminds of the tentacles of an Octopus.

Anemone Marianne Panda

Picture of the Anemone Marianne Panda

Anemone Marianne Panda has large white petals, but the most exciting about this flower is the black heart with a beautiful texture.

Lisianthus Corelli Apricot

Apricot colored Lisianthus

Corelli Apricot has pink flowers with a light apricot color on the sides. The flowers have a really wonderful shape.