Cooler Beauts

Week 8

The variety in this week’s Cooler Beauts is big! Great Hyacinth varieties like Miss Saigon and Pink Sunrise but also the stunning Dianthus Brownie and Solomio Boyd. Surprise yourself and your customers with these beauties that are available. Visit our webshop and order right now!

Alchemilla Robustica

Picture of Alchemilla Robustica

Besides the high decorative value, Alchemilla has a rich medical history as well. Read and learn all about Alchemilla here.

Anemone Hanoi Light Pink

Picture of Anemone Hanoi Light Pink

This Anemone is huge! Such a fantastic flower with large petals and a black heart. The light pink color makes it great to use in bouquets!

Cymbidium Manon

Picture of Cymbidium Manon

If you’re looking for a brown/orange Cymbidium than this Cymbidium is a must! It matches with lots of other flowers in your designs.

Dianthus Brownie

Picture of Dianthus Brownie

There is so much to see when you look at this Dianthus. So many colors and drawings. Every petal is different. Wonderful!

Dianthus Solomio Boyd

White spray Dianthus Dianthus Solomio Boyd

The white flowers of this spray Dianthus have beautiful purple/pink markings. These give the flower even more decorative value.

Hyacinth Miss Saigon

Picture of Hyacinth Miss Saigon

Hyacinth Miss Saigon has dark purple flowers that have a gloss at the back. This adds extra contrast to the flower. This hyacinth smells great too!

Hyacinth Pink Sunrise

Pink Hyacinth Pink Sunrise

A wonderful pink Hyacinth that looks great in spring designs and is beautiful in combination with yellow and blue flowers.

Narcissus Abba

Picture of Narcissus Abba

Nope, this Narcissus doesn’t come from Sweden. Like many Narcissus, Abba also originates from the Netherlands. It’s a beautiful orange/cream variety that blooms amazingly!