Cooler Beauts

Check out these special beauties that are in our cooler right now! Beautiful Celosia varieties, the extraordinary looking Allium Catweazle and great Hydrangea varieties! Check out our entire list below and contact your account manager or visit our webshop and surprise yourself and your customers with these great flowers that are in our cooler right now.

Agapanthus Silber Pfeil

The color of this Agapanthus variety is very special. It almost looks like metallic.

Allium Catweazle

Besides the extraordinary flower head, the stem of Allium Catweazle is also very special.

Brassica First Lady

A great looking Brassica variety!

Celosia Apricot Brand

Great orange plumes will stand out your floral design when you pick this Celosia.

Celosia Century Fire

Add spice to your design with this red, fiery plume.

Celosia Century Purple Rose

Looking for a playful but also stylish looking Celosia? This one is your choice!

Hydrangea Beautensia Luxor Lavender

The petals of this soft, pastel lavender colored Hydrangea are very delicate looking.

Hydrangea Beautensia Luxor Pink

The soft pink color of this Hydrangea is very romantic!