Cooler Beauts

Week 11

Cymbidium Blizzard, Cymbidium Medium Kathyflor, Grevillea Spiderman and Leucojum Aestivum..Just a few products that are in our Cooler Beauts of week 11. Beautiful products of high quality that will surprise you and your customers! Check out our list below and order them right now in our webshop!

Cymbidium Blizzard

Blizzard Cymbidium

Cymbidium Blizzard is a very soft colored variety. The bright white flowers make a great combination with the cream colored hearts.

Cymbidium Green Valley

Green Valley Cymbidium

The color combination of the green petals with the red lips is simply amazing!

Cymbidium Medium Kathyflor

Medium Cymbidium Kathyflor

Cymbidium Medium varieties are smaller than regular Cymbidiums, but larger than mini’s. A very versatile product!

Cymbidium Medium Lady Flor

Medium Cymbidium Lady Flor

Add warmth to your designs with this dark-brown/red Cymbidium variety.

Grevillea Spiderman

Spiderman Grevillea

What an exotic beauty! If you wan tot use something different in your designs for once, go for this Grevillea!

Lathyrus Vines Orange

Lathyrus Ranken are incredible. This orange variety is very playful in your designs. Contact your account manager for more information and availability.

Lathyrus Vines Cerise

Cerise Lathyrus Ranken

Cerise is a very chic color that works great for today’s color trends. A very popular color. Contact your account manager for more information and availability.

Leucojum Aestivum

Aestivum Lecojum

Small but powerful looks! Leucojum Aestivum is a very versatile flower that can be used in small designs.