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Cooler Beauts

Thanksgiving is just two weeks away. That’s why in this week’s update from our cooler, you will find some products that will go nicely on any Thanksgiving table, or really any fall arrangement. For more inspiration, you could also check our article on colors and dried flower combinations.

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Amaryllis Grand Diva

True to its name, this Amaryllis has a wonderful deep red hue that makes it look like it’s made from velvet.

Pine Cone

Nothing symbolizes the fall season like a pinecone does. You can find them in many different colors in our webshop.

Curly Tinting

Also available in many different colors, Curly Tinting is a good addition to any bouquet to lend it some playfulness and a rustic feel.

Amaryllis Green Magic

Amaryllis is always a good choice and this Magic Green variety is an excellent addition to the splendor of the Grand Diva on this list.

Rosa Cubana Summerhouse

Is there a flower with a name that has more of a summer ring to it than Rosa Cubana Summerhouse? At the same time, the fiery combination of colors would go nicely next to a fireplace in the cold of fall.

Cymbidium Red Moon

A very classy variety of Cymbidium, that would pair well with the simplicity of Curly Tintin or Pine Cones. It’s also a flower that would deserve a vase of its own.

Pernettya Light Pink

To complete this list: this Pernettya Light Pink is also available. Use it as a finishing touch to any fall bouquet, with the playful berries and green leaves.

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