Cooler Beauts

The season for summer flowers has really begun. This week our Cooler Beauts consists of great classic Hydrangea varieties like Rodeo Pink, Sibilla Purple, beautiful Astrantia varieties, a stunning colored Lathyrus and much more! Check them out, contact your account manager or visit our webshop and surprise yourself and your customers with these great flowers that are in our cooler right now.

Allium Globemaster

The large head and purple flowers of the Allium Globemaster really stand out!

Astrantia Roma

If you’re looking for a sweet, pink colored Astrantia than Astrantia Roma is a really good choice!

Astrantia Shaggy

This white/green Astrantia variety is great to use in modern floral designs.

Campanula Glomerata

This flower looks especially great when used in groups.

Cyperus Glaber

Cyperus Glaber is part of the family of reeds and has a high decorative value.

Hydrangea Rodeo Classic Pink

If you are a fan of pink flowers than you must have this beautiful Rodeo classic pink!

Hydrangea Sibilla Classic Purple

Just look at those colors! This flower would look great in a wedding bouquet.

Hydrangea Verena Classic Blue

Looking for a flower that gives your design a fresh look? Go for this Verena classic blue!

Hydrangea Verena Classic Pink

A romantic, classic Hydrangea variety that will do great in wedding designs.

Lathyrus Barcelona

What a stunning color! This delicate flower is now available in this beautiful lila and dark purple color.