Cooler Beauts

Every week we make a selection out of the beautiful cut flowers and greens that are in our cooler. Check out the list for this week below and contact your account manager or visit our webshop and surprise yourself and your customers with these great flowers that are in our cooler right now.

Cymbidium Melissa

Cymbidium Melissa | Holex Flower

Need a green Cymbidium? Melissa is a great variety!

Penisetum Paradise

Penisetum Paradise | Holex Flower

A very playful cut flower to give that boho feeling.

Quercus Cerise

Quercus Cerise | Holex Flower

Looking for a leaf that stands out in your design? Go for this Cerise painted Quercus!

Setaria Brown Sugar

Setaria Brown Sugar | Holex Flower

We are sure painting this black will lead to mixed emotions.

Alstroemeria Medina

Enjoy the beauty of this Alstroemeria while you can!

Lavandula Dried

Lavendel Dried | Holex Flower

You can do more with Lavandula than you think. Use it as extra decoration in your floral designs.

Oxypetalum Coeroleum

Enjoy the little blue flowers. So cute!


Physalis | Holex Flower

Probably the most iconic fall flower around.