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Zwet Summer Tulips Available Now

From this week we on, we offer a selection of high quality Tulips from grower Zwettulips. The availability depends per variety and lasts until week 47.Pink, yellow, red, white, orange and purple varieties are available in atleast 30gram quality.

See the entire list of varieties and availability below on our blog and order in our webshop or contact your Account Manager.


Tulip Barcelona

Color: Pink
Available: Week 32 – 47


Tulip Carola

Color: Pink
Available: Week 32 – 44

First Class

Tulip First Class

Color: Pink
Available: Week 32 – 47


Tulip Flashpoint

Color: Double Pink
Available: Week 32 – 37


Tulip Furand

Color: Red / White
Available: Week 42 – 47

Ile de France

Tulip Ile de France

Color: Red
Available: Week 32 – 43


Tulip Milkshake

Color: Pink / White
Available: Week 32 – 34

Orange Princess

Tulip Double Orange Princess

Color: Double Orange
Available: Week 32 – 36

Red Princess

Tulip Red Princess

Color: Double Red
Available: Week 32 – 40

Royal Virgin

Tulip Royal Virgin

Color: White
Available: Week 32 – 47


Tulip Saigon

Color: Purple
Available: Week 32 – 44

Strong Gold

Tulip Strong Gold

Color: Yellow
Available: Week 32 – 42

Strong Love

Tulip Strong Love

Color: Red
Available: Week 36 – 39

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