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Dutch Masters Tulips

The famous Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn was one of the many Dutch masters in painting world famous pieces of art in the 17th century. Who doesn’t know “The Night Watch” or “The Jewish Bride” and the numerous portraits he painted?

Dutch craftsmanship, quality, and technique are all coming together in a special selection of outstanding high-quality Tulips: Dutch Masters Tulips.

This special brand by Holex Flower, The Netherlands offers a great selection of these Novelty Tulips and is available in a special and an exclusive line expertly packaged in a designer box and wrapped in decorative and artistic Dutch Masters Sleeves.

We are convinced that people all over the world will enjoy these lovely tulip bunches available in many colors and shapes, they are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. For more specs and information, please contact your account manager at Holex Flower.

Dutch Masters Finest

Dutch Masters Tulips Finest

This assortment is a fine selection of heavy grade single shape Tulips.

  • 25 bunches of 10-stem single Tulips.
  • A variable assortment that changes during the program.
  • Product specs: 38+ gram and 38+ stem length.
  • Top quality Tulips from reliable growers.
  • Dutch Masters design box and sleeves.

Dutch Masters Exclusives
Dutch Masters Tulips Exclusives

This assortment is an artistic composition of exclusive and heavy grade novelty Tulip varieties.

  • 6 bundles of 30 stems (3 x 10) exclusive Tulip varieties per box.
  • A variable assortment that changes during the program.
  • Product specs: 38+ gram and 38+ cm stem length.
  • Top quality Novelty Tulips from Hollands top growers.
  • Dutch Masters design box and plastic wrappings.

We assure you all Dutch Masters Tulips are of an outstanding quality level. Combined with the special designed box, sleeves and wrappers, this will result in satisfied customers and a boost of Tulip sales!


If you would like to receive more information about Dutch Masters Tulips, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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