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Blue, the color of the sky and the sea, is associated with calm and peace. It’s a color that stand for the mind, intelligence and common sense. Blue is seen as the color of trust, transparent communications and reliability.

A Mystical History

Researchers cannot exactly tell when blue popped up in our history, or where the name “blue” is derived from. Because in the old times, people had no word for blue! Proofs for this have been found in ancient writings. For example, in the original Rig Veda, the writings of Homerus, in the Nibelungen song and in the Beowulf, the word blue is not mentioned. Scientists believe that people in ancient times didn’t had the visual ability to observe blue. From the Middle Ages on, blue slowly became visible in paintings.

Why is this? A very important that blue was not a popular color was because there are only a few products from nature where blue can be obtained. Until the 16th century blue was – via a very extensive process – derived from Woad. When the Europeans discovered the seaway to India, Woad was replaced by Indigofera tinctorial, which we known better as Indigo. In the early 20th century both Woad and Indigo were

Flowerwiki Blue Flowers | Holex FlowerSymbolism of Blue

If you wear blue clothes, you radiate balance and stability. When you walk into a blue room, you get productive. Other associations with the color blue are loyalty, patience, sympathy, friendliness, and truthfulness. But people associate blue also with conservativeness, cold, status and power. Blue is used in a lot of corporate logo’s because of its representation of integrity and sincerity.

Blue Flowers

Despite that blue is hard to derive from natural products, there are a number of real blue flowers. Think of various Delphinium varieties like Volkerfrieden, Dewi Blue Star or Kissi Jeans Blue. Hyacinth Delft Blue is a great blue flower to use in spring designs. Centaurea Cyanus, better known as Cornflower, is a great summer flower. And don’t forget the beautiful Hydrangea varieties like Bela Blue, Verena Blue, Spike, Mammoet, and Challenge. For other blue flowers, please visit our webshop!

Floral Design Suggestions with Blue Flowers

Although blue is a “cold” color, it matches wonderfully with colors like pink, purple, and burgundy. Think of a bouquet with the light pink Astilbe Europa combined with the light blue Hydrangea Verena Blue. Or Delphinium Dewi Blue Star mixed with Lisianthus Alissa Light Apricot. When blue flowers are used together with other colors, they bring contrast and really stand out!

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