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Brown Flowers | Holex Flower

Combine a lot of colors together, in the end it always ends brown. It’s a real nature color and has a beautiful color palette. Since prehistoric times brown has been used in art. Thanks to clay, in combination with other natural pigments, people made brown paint since long before BC. Painting of brown horses has been found in caves and Egyptian tomb paintings were decorated with brown.

Brown is not a popular color in fashion, never has been. In Ancient Rome there was even an expression called ‘pullati’, a shortage for plebeians, which translated means ‘those dressed in brown’


The color that occurs most in nature, the color stands for solidity, fall and earth.

Brown is a masculine color that radiates confidence and reliability. In the flower industry there a not many brown flowers, but more than enough branches to compensate. If you are looking for a rough, not ordinary bouquet, choose for brown flowers!

Brown Flowers | Holex FlowerSeason

When you think of the color, you are definitely thinking about the falling leaves in the fall. The whole world turns brown around this time of year. The same happens in the flower world, with the start of the fall it’s the start of the branch season. Beautiful seasonal heroes who are gorgeous to combine with colorful flowers.


Maybe there is more choice of brown flowers, then what you think upfront! When you are looking at the assortment year-round, every season got beauties. Some of our favorites:

  • Leucadendron Plumosum Rubrum: a flower that has all autumn colors in one. What a unique form and unique color palette.
  • Scabiosa Stellata: what a strange beauty this flower, if you have a closer peek at this ball-shaped heads, you look right in to the hearts of the flower. You can’t look away, this flower keeps on looking at you.
  • Amaranthus Hot Biscuits: what a beautiful brown-coppery-orange color. These thick plumes are long flowering, so you enjoy them for a long time!
  • Anthurium Chocolate love: this flamingo flower is everlasting. For sure, you can enjoy this flower for a long time and what a special color. This dark chocolate color makes it extra interesting.
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