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Egyptians, Alchemists, and El Dorado

The color of winners, the color of wealth: we are talking about gold. The history of the color is one with a long history. The oldest material of gold ever found was from 2600 before Christ and found in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

In ancient times, gold was not only known as valuable, but it contained a certain magic and symbolized purity. Alchemists have long been searching for the philosopher’s stone, to transform other materials into the metal. Their symbol for gold was a circle with a point at its center, the same astrological symbol as the sun. In the 19th century, many rich sources were discovered mainly in the United States and Australia, leading to the famous gold rushes.

The Aztecs regarded the metal as the product of the gods, calling it excrement of god. Because of the story of El Dorado, that says there would be a mythical land hidden somewhere in South America, many expeditions were set up. Not only the Spaniards, but also the Dutch, French, and English came to plunder. Till fair in the 18th-century people were looking for the land, but El Dorado was untraceable.

Gold: an important color in many religions

The color is essential in many religious, for some, it’s the color of God. The import temple Harmandir Sahib or Hari Mandir in India is also known as the Golden Temple. It’s the most important temple for Sikh people. In Thailand a similar story, the temple Wat Phra Kaew is famous because of the ornamental golden statues and roof.

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The color is associated with wealth, sun, holiness and divinity. The color is inextricably linked to scarcity and richness.

Favorite winter color

Flowers do not naturally occur in this color but are popular during the Christmas season. Thanks to painting, you can go crazy! Your favorite flower, but now temporary available in gold. Next to the classic Christmas flowers, there are every year new gold flowers and branches available. Depending on what’s trendy at the moment. During the darker days, when we all looking for some coziness at home, the color is often used in the Christmas tree and other decorations.

Golden flowers

All temporary available, so be sure you don’t miss them! Some of our favorites:

  • Betula Pendula painted Gold: a classic, this birch branch! The Gold Betula Pendula is an excellent addition to every bouquet.
  • Eucalyptus Parvifolia painted Gold: Eucalyptus is already favorite for a couple of years. Not surprising, because the combination possibilities are endless.
  • Ilex painted Gold: what a beauty, the berries of the Ilex in gold is giving a festive effect.
  • Craspedia painted Gold: through the unique shape, the beautiful Craspedia is always an eye-catcher.

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