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Is the color named after the flower, or is it the other way around? According to the book ‘A dictionary of color’, from 1930, initially, the name Lavender only applied to flowers.

In the Victorian time, lavender was one of the few colors generally acceptable for women’s clothing during a period of mourning. Lavender and purple are still colors of grief in the Far East and Thailand.

There are two stories about the origin of the name lavender. The first is that the name is derived from the Latin word ‘lavare’, which means to wash. This could be a reference to the flower Lavandula, who is often used by cleaning products. The second is that the word is derived from the Latin word ‘livere’. This word is a reference to the color of the flower.


During the spring in Europe, the Crocus flower is well represented with yellow and lavender colors. Thanks to this flower, the colors of the Christian holiday of Eastern are yellow and lavender. The religious symbolism of purple and lavender is mourning, fasting, penance, and submission to the divine.

Symbolism of Lavender

The color symbolizes purity, devotion, and love. It’s the color of decadence, but also still the color of mourning. A favorite color for weddings because of the romantic palette. Lavender Roses have their own symbolism, they represent ‘love at first sight’.


France, especially the region of Provence is famous for the beautiful Lavandula fields in the summer. Next to the beautiful color, its also famous because of the delicious smell. It’s a color who cannot be missed at a summer wedding

Lavender-Colored Flowers

Thanks to the popularity of pastels, more and more flowers come in this gorgeous color. With this, some of our flowers highlighted:

  • Rosa Maritim: is it lavender, or is it pink? This beautiful soft rose is a real winner, what a beautiful in-between color.
  • Clematis Amazing London: what an exclusive and fragile flower, Clematis also adds style and class to every bouquet.
  • Echeveria Neurenberg: this soft-purple colored Echeveria makes it superb for wedding pieces and table decoration.
  • Freesia Mercurius: a classic icon this Freesia. Combines well with other colors, both bright and soft.
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