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Orange Color Holex Flower BlogThe name orange is originative from the Persian Narang (the Spanish Naranja), what means orange (like the fruit). In English, French, and Spanish we use the same name for the fruit and the color.

Orange is also the symbol for The Netherlands; this is because of the Dutch royal house. It is still the color of the royal house and the color of all national sports teams. Every year on King’s Day (a big celebration of the birthday of the king) everybody is wearing orange and celebrates outside on the street.


Orange is often used in Buddhism and Hinduism and therefore an essential color in Asia.  Monks are always wearing an orange robe.


In America and Europe, we associated this color with amusement, entertainment, and mirth. If you see a clown, it’s always wearing an orange wig. It’s also the color of autumn, and because of that, we associate the color with warmth and fire.

Orange Color Holex Flower Blog

In China and India, the color took its name not from the orange fruit, but from saffron. Saffron is an essential and expensive spice. The symbolism of orange in China and India is transformation, this because the color exists out of yellow and red. Yellow was the color of nobility and perfection; red was the color of happiness and power. Together you have a transformation.


Orange Color Holex Flower Blog
Orange in the color of the autumn, in the floral industry but also for consumers. The most prominent reason for this association is because of all the leaves on the trees, which al change in this characteristic orange-red color. Also, typical autumn food, like pumpkins, carrots or sweet potatoes, are orange. With Halloween, always on October 31st, orange is also a critical color – think about the Jack O’Lantern.


Fall may be the best season for florists because there are so many beautiful flowers available. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but now some orange classics which cannot be missed:

  • Physalis lampion; the carrier of autumn, with the beautiful orange lampion
  • Crocosmia Mc Kenzie; the autumn flower pre-eminently, this because of the characteristic colors

And of course there are also some year-round available orange beauties:

  • Mini Gerbera Pomponi Bonita; a gorgeous, filled mini Gerbera
  • Spray Rose Babe; a bright colored Spray Rose with a distinct look
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