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All about Pink | Color Inspiration | Holex FlowerIt’s funny how the name pink is derived from the pink flower Dianthus Plumarius. But that’s not all the floral related history of this color. In most European languages, the color is called rose, roze or rosa, all derived from the flower Rose.

Pink is now often used as a color for girls. Think about pink clothes, toys, and other baby girl material. Did you know? Back in the days, until the forties of the 20th century, the colors were used exactly reversed! Pink for boys and blue, which was considered as delicate and feminine, for girls.


In the Catholic church, pink symbolizes joy, happiness and the body of Christ. The female monks in Myanmar are always wearing pink. It’s a spiritual tinted color in Hinduism and Buddhism and often used in statues, decoration, and jewelry.


Pink Flowers | Color Inspiration | Holex Flower
Pink, in general, is associated with charm, sensitivity, innocence, and femininity. Pink is a favorite color for flowers and is often used for weddings. Just like red, pink is a symbol of love.

Pink is a color that combines easily. Match pink with white, and you get innocence. Match it with black, and you get sensuality. Dare to mix!


Next to Mother’s Day, the season of pink is summer! A lot of summer flowers have a pink variety. It’s a color who cannot be missed in a summer design. From the start of the season, with the beautiful soft Peonies, until the all-time favorite Sweet Love Dahlia.

Pink Flowers

Pink | Floral Color Inspiration | Holex Flower
Pink is maybe the most common color of flowers in nature! The color serves to attract insects and birds for pollination. For example, the beautiful pink hibiscus draws a lot of hummingbirds. The pigment that makes the flower pink is the same pigment as in a raspberry. Enough choice, but some of our gems:

  • Peony Coral Charm: a classic icon, but then a little bit different! This color is some shades darker than the famous Sarah Bernhardt.
  • Bouvardia Royal Daphne Fresco: increasingly popular with florists, each flower has several buds with a trendy look.
  • Calla Garnet Glow: if you are looking for a pink flower choose this Zantedeschia. More pink than this is hard to find. Famous because of this gorgeous color.
  • Euphorbia Pink Baron: a beautiful combination of soft pink and green. If you are looking for a unique flower, this is your call.

Looking for more pink inspiration? Visit our Pinterest board All About Pink and be inspired!

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