Red is a color with a lot of history! In China, the color  is famous for centuries, during the Chinese empire and in the Republic of China. From the red in their country flag till the Red Book. In Moscow, you got the famous Red Square. Many people think that this square is red because of the link with Communism, but actually, the Russian word Krasnaya means beautiful and red.
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In politics, red is used as the color of the revolutionary. In Latin America, it is the color of liberalism, and in the United States, it represents the Republican Party. Since the 19th century, it is associated with Socialism and Communism.

A Color of Nature

You know fall is starting when the leaves on trees turn red. It’s a color which often occurs in nature, in flowers, trees, animals, sand, and canyons. Think for example about the Grand Canyon; this canyon is getting its color through iron oxide.

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Think about red religiously, you are thinking about the clothes of cardinals of the Catholic church. This red of the cardinals stands for the blood they are willing to sacrifice for the church. Christmas, for the church one of the most critical days, we associate with the color as well. Muslim ladies often use red henna for weddings and other special occasions. And in Buddhism the color is the seconds most important color (after gold). It is a high energetic color and stands in this religion for transition and vitality.

Meaningful Symbolism

Red has a powerful symbolism. It’s the color of love, but also the color of danger and anger. Thanks to the association with love, the color is most used with big flower days like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. In the West, we associated the color with heat, passion, sexuality, anger, and love. In China, India and other Asian countries, people associated the color with happiness, power and good fortune.

Well-known Red Flowers

Maybe the most important color in the flower industry. There are so many important red-colored flowers, which makes it hard to choose a favorite one. Probably the icon of red flowers is the Rose. The flower you give to your beloved ones. Other favorites are:

  • Tulip: one of the most iconic flowers, in one of the most iconic colors. A match made in heaven.
  • Amaryllis: the Christmas flower by pre-eminently. Can not be missed in the winter season.
  • Ilex: when all the leaves are from the trees, the Ilex branches arise! What a winter beauty.
  • Anemone: this flower is so delicate, fragile and beautiful. An eye-catcher in every bouquet.

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