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All about White - Holex FlowerAlready in ancient Egypt, the priestesses wore only white as a symbol of purity, white was connected with the vital goddess Isis. The old Roman citizens wore a white toga by ceremonial occasions. In the time of Emperor Augustus, Roman man has to wear a toga when entering the Roman forum.

At the beginning of the 18th century, white became the most common color of churches and government buildings, especially in the United States. Since then it is a favorite color in architecture, it stands for simplicity and modernity.

A Well-known Religious Color

The head of the Catholic Church, the Pope, is always wearing white. This as a symbol of purity and sacrifice. Whites robes could only be worn by the lama of a monastery in Tibetan Buddhism.

It’s the color of the pilgrims of Islam and Shinto religion. Lambs and other white animals are being sacrificed to appease sins. The white Lily is considered as the flower of innocence and purity; therefore it’s often associated with the Virgin Mary.

White - Holex FlowerSymbolism of White

The general symbolism of white, derived from the religious, is innocent and peaceful. Think about the white dove and the white flag with surrender. In many Asian cultures, white is the color of mourning, death, and reincarnation. In the flower industry, you see this symbolism returns; for funeral tributes, florists often use white flowers.


If you think about white, you often think about winter or Christmas. Think about white in nature, and you think about snow and cold. It’s the perfect camouflage for animals like the Polar bear and Arctic fox.

White Flowers

White flowers are popular year-round, and there are many classic icons! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but some white classics which cannot be missed:

  • Amaryllis Arctic Nymph: this Amaryllis has gorgeous, filled ice white flowers.
  • Tulip Antartica:  what a beautiful combination, the white of the bulb combined with the soft green of the leaves.
  • Peony Festiva Maxima:  everybody knows, and loves, the pink peony. Wait till you discover this white one! This beauty is named after the queen in Holland.
  • Syringa Madame Florent Stepmann: this typical Dutch flower is a special one.  A real eye-catcher with the striking plumes.

The Color White - Holex Flower

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