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Yellow | Holex FlowerEvery direction of the compass has its own color, Yellow signifies the middle. Yellow also has strong historical and cultural associations. It is one of the three basic colors and widely available in nature. The color is used often in ancient history, for example, in prehistoric cave art of in tomb paintings.

It is the most important color in China: yellow is the color of happiness, glory, and wisdom. Back in the days, only the Emperor was allowed to wear yellow. Not for nothing the country was called the Yellow Emperor.

A Color with Religious Meaning

In the Roman Catholic church yellow is the color of gold, and in the Christian church, the color is associated with the Pope. In the West, we associate the color with Eastern and Spring. In Hinduism, it is the color of Krishna, who is always dressed in yellow.

Meaning Yellow Flower | Holex FlowerSymbolism of Yellow

The symbolism of yellow is strongly divided per continent. In the West, we associate the color with amusement and optimism but also with hate and jealousy. In China and many other Asian countries, it is the color of glory, happiness, harmony and wisdom.

A Seasonal Color

Yellow is the color of spring, from Daffodils to baby chicks. The first flowers that occur in spring are yellow or have tones of yellow.  Think about Daffodils, Iris, Crocuses, and Forsythia.

Yellow Flowers per Season

Many flowers that appear in the wild are yellow, this is to be explained by the reason that bees prefer this color. One of the more famous yellow flowers is Helianthus, a real seasonal hero. A real retro flower, and busy with a comeback for a while, is the Craspedia. Every season you can use yellow flowers:

  • In spring work with seasonal flowers like Daffodil, yellow Frittilaria, and Tulips
  • In summer you can choose for Helianthus, Eremurus, and Solidago
  • In fall you can choose for Dahlia, Calla, and Anigozanthos
  • And in winter choose beautiful yellow Ilex branches, Cymbidium, and Leucospermum

Many flowers are nowadays year-round available, but with the right use of colors, you can still create a seasonal feeling!

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