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10 Xmas Floral Design Ideas

With only a few weeks to go, Christmas preparations are in full swing! Over here in Holland, the temperatures are decreasing and the days are getting shorter and shorter. Time to cozy up one’s home! We have gathered a lot of Xmas floral design ideas that we have worked out over the past years on this blog. In this post, we have selected 10 of them. Be inspired!

1. Christmas Table Decorations with Flowers

Christmas is right around the corner, and these Christmas table decorations will spice up your table. Amaze your customers or guests with floral decorations that can be used to make this year’s Christmas a great success!

Christmas table decorations with flowers

2. Christmas Wreath Ideas

Wreaths are very popular in the winter and during Christmas, and thus a lot of Christmas floral design ideas can be filled with them! They can be made with a large variety of greens. In this example, we show you how to make various wreaths with Abies Nobilis and other Christmas greens.

Christmas Wreath Ideas

3. Stunning Amaryllis Christmas Piece

Wow, what an eye-catcher! You need to have skills, but if the piece stands it’s a great gesture. Challenge yourself to create this piece, and go crazy with all the different Amaryllis flowers.

Stunning Amaryllis Christmas Piece

4. Christmas Centerpiece with A Twist

This Christmas centerpiece with Abies, Pinus, Juniperus, and Eryngium will really brighten up your Christmas décor!

Christmas centerpiece with a twist

5. Floral Christmas Tree Decorations

A blogpost filled with Xmas floral design ideas is not complete with one of the most important things when it comes to Christmas decoration: tree decorations! Why go for the traditional Christmas decorations when you can spice up your Christmas tree with floral decorations. Place the Christmas tree in your store or home, we are certain that it will be a success. Use dried flowers for the best result.

Floral Christmas tree decorations

6. Extravagant Peacock Christmas Centerpiece

What a centerpiece! We are certain that this centerpiece will draw a lot of attention. Made with simple materials and great greens and flowers like Senecio Full Moon and Hydrangea Ruby Chocolate Classic. Be inspired by this tutorial, order the flowers in our webshop, and follow the steps to create this Extravagant Peacock Christmas Centerpiece.

Extravagant Peacock Christmas Centerpiece

7. Beautiful Christmas Garland

Another amazing Xmas floral design idea: the Christmas garland! This Christmas garland is very versatile. In our tutorial, we wrapped it around a large vase. Leave it be or place a floral design in the vase.. but you can also create the garland and use it to decorate your Christmas table or place it near your window.

Beautiful Christmas garland

8. Shiny Wreath with Eryngium

This wreath with Eryngium is a great addition to all the Christmas decoration that is starting to pop out. We used over ten different painted Eryngiums in this wreath. Use it as decoration on your Christmas table, hang it on your door or use it as a part of a larger Christmas design. It will even be perfect for New Year’s Eve!

Shiny wreath with Eryngium

9. Sweet Christmas Bouquet

Xmas floral design ideas do not only carry ideas with red, gold, and green, but also with sweet pastel colors! This sweet Christmas bouquet with pastel colors is also very romantic.

Sweet Christmas bouquet

10. Green Christmas Wreath

Green and white are lovely combined in this wreath. The white Euphorbia and Phlox look great together with the Green Cymbidium and Anemone. The Trachelium even has both colors in one! The stems of the flowers are placed in tubes with water so the flowers in the wreath have a good vase life as well.

Because of the tubes, this wreath is perfect to place on a table but not suitable to hang on your door. Unless you want a cold shower of course.

Green Christmas Wreath

Christmas Flowers and Greenery in The Holex Webshop

All the flowers and greenery used in the floral Christmas design ideas above can be found in the Holex webshop. For information about availability and pricing, please contact your Holex Account Manager (wholesale florists), or your local floral wholesale Sales Rep (florists). Not a Holex customer yet? Register here!

More Christmas Floral Design Ideas

Looking for even more floral design inspiration for Christmas? Visit our Pinterest mood board for tons of design ideas!

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