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3 Floral Trends for Spring Weddings in 2019

Prepare for some stunning weddings planned by your customers this spring. New colors to design your spring with our latest Floral Trends for Spring Weddings in 2019. Living Coral, the new color of the year revealed by Pantone, was chosen with a desire for positivity in mind. Dusty Blue makes it charming when going for something innocent. Another popular spring wedding palette will be Rose Gold for an elegant wedding vibe. To inspire you, we purposefully designed some spring flavored floral arrangements. So explore our webshop to see the availability of our flowers!

Living Coral Wedding

A playful color that is remarkably powerful. Inspired by the characteristic beauty of Living Coral, we designed something to widen your inspiration. The color of the year announced by Pantone is truly warm and cozy. Living Coral empowered us to achieve a lively presence within our floral arrangement. Living Coral is not just vibrant, smoother, and more charming. It sets an entirely new standard with Paeonia Pink Hawaii Coral, Ranunculus Cloony Fragolino and Syringa Lavender.

Flowers That Match The Living Coral Wedding Trend
• Paeonia Pink Hawaii Coral
• Ranunculus Cloony Fragolino
• Paeonia Sarah Bernhard
• Ranunculus Cloony Hanoi
• Paeonia Vogue
• Ranunculus Cloony Blushing Pascal
• Paeonia Bowl of Cream
• Rosa Avalanche
• Syringa Maiden’s Blush
• Tulip Painted Brownies
• Senecio Full Moon
• Syringa Lavender
• Hypericum Coco Avanti
• Ranunculus Romance Maillane

Dusty Blue Wedding

The first thing you will notice is how lovely it is. Dusty Blue is a very charming color palette to enrich your inspiration, especially for spring weddings. Curate an attractive design with Muscari Cupido, Delphinium Ballkleid, Genista Blue, and Allium Neapolitanum. So it is even more charming to hold our floral arrangement in the hands of your customers and enjoy an unforgettable spring wedding.

Flowers That Match The Dusty Blue Wedding Trend
• Muscari Cupido
• Muscari Alida
• Kochia Scoparia
• Brunia Silver Spray
• Allium Neapolitanum
• Delphinium Ballkleid
• Genista Blue
• Chasmantium Latifolium
• Ranunculus Cloony Merenque
• Eucalyptus Cinerea

Rose Gold Wedding

A romantic, yet elegant color for your inspirations. In a floral arrangement unlike any other. Rose Gold is so seductive; you will feel like you are experiencing a delightful moment. With Paeonia Sarah Bernhard, Ranunculus Cloony Hanoi Pink, Rosa Spray Pink Bubbles, you will curate a supreme design. So every moment you see appears even more glorious. Incredibly stunning. By design.

Flowers That Match The Rose Gold Wedding Trend
• Rosa Spray Pink Bubbles
• Ruscus Hypophyllum
• Ranunculus Blushing Pascal
• Paeonia Bowl of Cream
• Ranunculus Cloony Hanoi
• Senecio Full Moon
• Lisianthus Corelli Apricot
• Ranunculus Cloony Merenque
• Ranunculus Cloony Hanoi Pink
• Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt
• Chrysanthemum Pip Salmon

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