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How to Use Dried Lavender: 7 Ways to Inspire Your Customers

Dried Lavender is a popular way to fill our homes with the scent of summer, even when outside it is bucketing down. 

Here are seven ways to inspire existing customers with dried Lavender, or find new audiences to target!

1. Sales promotions that last 

Lavender – whether dried or fresh – is popular for a reason. There is something about a bunch of lavender stems that just screams, “Welcome home!”

The scent of dried Lavender is a great way to create a homey feeling.

You know how movies and television used to depict an open house, with the real estate agent putting out a plate of fresh-baked cookies? Same principle: the smell would help people to feel right at home, and therefore they would be more inclined to buy.

But the thing is, fresh cookies go old.

Dried Lavender is a great way to get that homey feeling, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Perfect for realtors, interior designers, or vendors of home supplies.

2. Dried Lavender is ideal for “unusual flower places.”

My mother used the bathroom as the place to dry out bouquets she wanted to preserve.

Those drying flowers gave a pleasant, flowery smell to the room, without the risk of forgetting about the bathroom when watering the flowers and plants. What’s more: many bathrooms are quite dark when nobody’s in them, and therefore don’t offer the best environment for keeping fresh flowers.

The same might go for a study in the attic, or that man cave in the basement or garage that could use a floral touch.

A bouquet of dried flowers is ideal for flowering up those rooms in your house where you simply wouldn’t place a vase of fresh-cut flowers.

3. College students

Students are notorious for having plants die due to a lack of, well, remembering to water them in time. Search Google for “student plants,” and you’ll find lists off plants that require little care and are, therefore, “capable of surviving in a dorm room.”

But what about the college student who happens to be a flower guy or gal?

The answer: dried flowers!

4. Make this Christmas the most aromatic time of the year

Are you looking for an original alternative for this year’s Christmas wreath? Why not choose a wreath made from dried lavender stems? The purple flowers pair very well with the classic Holiday greens and reds, and whatever other color you might choose to add to your decorations. And you can be sure that it will look great in your Christmas display.

Dried lavender wreath

5. Dried Lavender as simple decoration

We can’t stress it enough (relaxing as Lavender might be): dried Lavender radiates warmth and homeliness. And we all know that it’s the little things that can bring an interior together, and transform a house into a home, right?

At least, that’s what did the trick in my case after moving houses recently. We put out some candles, some pictures. And we hung a few bunches of cut lavender from the radiator pipes.

You could put up a display with different sizes of dried Lavender stems and pouches so that your customers can take their pick.

A small vase filled with dried Lavender goes well in any interior.

6. Keep that bedroom buzz-free

We already talked about the basement, attic, garage, and bathroom, but the bedroom is another room that usually remains flowerless. One of the reasons probably being that fresh cut flowers often offer too much scent.

Which brings me to the first reason why dried Lavender is the way to go in your bedroom.

The aroma of dried Lavender is calming and relaxing. A pouch filled with dried lavender petals, or a small vase on the nightstand, can help you fall asleep more easily.

But did you know that mosquitoes and moths are less fond of the smell of Lavender? Small bundles with dried Lavender in the linen closet are a classic home remedy to protect clothes from being eaten by moths. Hanging a bunch next to your open window might make those mosquitoes think twice before they come buzzing in.

7. Next level gift wrapping with dried Lavender

Do you offer gift wrapping as an extra service to your customers? Or would you like to inspire them on how to wrap up your products in a more original way? Don’t settle for wrapping paper. Add some dried flowers to the mix!

You could also use this tip to reach out to local shops. Bookshops, for example, usually love elegant new ways to make their gift wrappings into a piece of art.

Are you feeling inspired yet? You’re going to need a lot of Lavender if you wish to give these tips a try. Fortunately, it’s super easy to bulk order dried Lavender in our webshop. Place your orders today, and you’ll be supplying your local real estate agents, students, interior designers and bookshops in no time!

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