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9 Christmas Greeneries to Stock Up On

It’s almost December, so we’re starting to get those Christmas vibes. We started digging around the internet to find the hottest Christmas trends for you.

And what did we find? One of the themes for this year is “natural”!

Of course, that goes for any flower, so we had to narrow down the selection a bit for this article. That’s why we chose to focus on Christmas Greenery. Ideal for any Christmas centerpiece, garland or Christmas Greenery urn.

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Our favorite types of Christmas Greenery

Christmas Greenery and Berries

Tips for your Wreath or Garland

Frequently Asked Questions

Our favorite types of Christmas Greenery

Christmas Greenery is a nice way to set your house in the Christmas spirit. Wreaths, Garlands and Christmas pieces: there is a lot that you can do with branches and other greeneries. Below you can find a selection of greens that you can order via our webshop.

Abies Nobilis

Abies – also known as Firs – are a genus of roughly 50 species of coniferous trees. They are a Christmas classic and are therefore available in many different varieties. Simply type “Abies” in our webshop and you’ll find branches, wreaths and even complete trees.

Leucadendron Plumosum Rubrum

The iconic cone-shaped fruits of the Leucadendron make this an excellent addition to your Christmas inventory.

Pinus Strobus

Strobus is a large pine variety, native to eastern North America. To the Native American Iroquois, it is the “Tree of Peace”. If that’s not a reason to use it for this Christmas, we don’t know what is.

Abies Nordmannia

Nordmannia is probably one of the most iconic plants related to Christmas. It is a specific variety of the Abies genus that is beloved for its longevity and appearance.

Abies Nobilis Tree Snow

Abies Nobilis is not just available in loose branches, but also in shapes like a Christmas wreath, or this snowy Christmas tree!

Cupressus Sempervirens Blue

Lush greens combined with cone-like fruits makes of Cupressus Sempervirens a must-have for your Christmas stock!

Christmas Greenery and Berries

Another favorite for the Holidays, are greens and branches with clusters of bright-colored berries. That’s why we made this into a selection of its own, which you can find below.

Christmas Greeneries, berries and cones for wholesale at Holex Flower

Ilex Verticulata Frost Wax

If you’re hoping for a white Christmas, why not choose for the surest way by ordering some Ilex Verticualta Frost Wax? A great combination of bright red berries with a playful snow coating.

Pernettya Mucronata

Last but not least: Pernettya Mucronata is also a great pick if you’re looking to add some berries to your arrangement. The tiny leaves ensure that the bright colors of the berries will pop out all the more.

Ilex Verticulata

Ilex Verticulata | Holex Flower

An elegant and simple branch with colorful berries; what’s not to love? If you’re looking for more eye candy, search the webshop for varieties like Ilex Verticulata Frost, Gold and Silver.

Tips for Your Christmas Wreath – and other cool things to make with greeneries

One of the most beloved ways to use Christmas Greenery is working it in a Christmas wreath of garland.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Christmas Greeneries.

How do you keep Christmas Greenery fresh?

There are a few things that you could do to keep your greenery fresh and in better condition until Christmas. The first thing you can do, of course, is not buying it too early. But once you have it, here’s what you can do to boost the longevity: Before using the branches, cut the stems and put them in a bucket of water overnight. After making the wreath, soak it in water as well. Use a plant mister or sprayer to moisten the arrangement on a regular basis. Avoid heat and direct sunlight as much as possible. A wreath above the fireplace will wither a lot faster than in a hallway that is dark and cool. LED light is also a better match than other lightbulbs because they emit less heat. Consider using dried flowers as a substitute, to ensure that your Christmas Wreath of Piece will stay beautiful for many Christmasses to come!

How do you make a Christmas Greenery garland or wreath?

We made several tutorials that show you how to use your greeneries in an arrangement. For example, check out this garland tutorial, or watch this tutorial and learn how to make a wreath.

Where can I buy Christmas Greenery?

Why, in our websop of course 😉 All kidding aside, you can find the best Christmas Greenery at your local florist. If you are a florist and looking for wholesale options, we suggest contacting your local wholesaler and asking for the products in this list. Be sure to ask for Holex for the best quality!

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