Amazing: Lathyrus Vines In Beautiful Colors!

Lathyrus or Sweet Pea is mostly known as the beautiful, small, fragile and delicate cut flower. But have you ever seen these Lathryus Vines? They have such a wild look with bright and colorful flowers! Lathyrus Vines are available in our Holland and our Miami webshop.

Design Suggestions with Lathyrus Vines

The wild Lathyrus Vines open up a new range of design options. Wild and field bouquets are very popular these days, and Lathyrus Vines fit great in that design style. Because of the many available colors, there are also endless combinations to make. Imagine a blue, orange, red or pink field bouquet with Lathryus Vines, or mix in every color! The result will be great!

Available Varieties

The Lathyrus Vines are available in a wide range of colors. There is a color for everyone and every design style. That makes this product great for you and your customers. Check out some of the available colors below and be inspired!

Lathyrus Vines Blue

Lathyrus Vines Bordeaux

Lathyrus Vines Cerise

Lathyrus Vines Cream

Lathyrus Vines Lavender

Lathyrus Vines Orange

Lathyrus Vines Red

Lathyrus Vines Pink

Lathyrus Vines White

White Lathyrus Ranken

Order Lathyrus Vines in The Holex Webshop

Holex offers the best quality Lathyrus Vines. Our Holland buying team can order them in this period, but beware: it is necessary to order the Vines at least five days ahead! From week 15 all the Lathyrus Vines offered in the Holland webshop are grown by Dutch growers, and the availability will increase. From November to December Lathyrus Vines are available from Japan in the Miami webshop. Contact your Account Manager for more information and to order these fantastic looking Lathyrus Vines.