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Why Tulips for Valentine’s Day Are a Great Idea

Ever wonder if it’s alright to give Tulips for Valentine’s Day? We can assure you that it is! In this article, we’ll explain why a Tulip is one of the best flowers to show your love.

Tulips: The Second Most Popular Flowers for V-Day

Of course, the romantic Rose will always be THE number one Valentine’s Day flower, but the Tulip is a solid second! From our Holland headquarters, loads and loads of Tulips are shipped to countries all over the world in the weeks before Valentine’s Day. This is a clear indication that many people, everywhere around the world, ar already giving each other Tulips for Valentine’s Day.

Reds, pinks, and whites are the most popular. Over the past years, however, other pastel-colored varieties became more popular as well.

Why Tulips Are Great for Valentine’s Day

So now that we’ve established that Tulips are already a popular Valentine’s Day flower, let’s take a closer look at why that is. We’ve collected some interesting facts about Tulips that will give this flower an even more romantic appearance.

They Represent the Heart of Your Lover

Did you know that the velvety inner center of a Tulip represents the heart of your lover? Depending on the variety, the color can differ. But think of the popular Double Tulip Scarlet Verona, with its deep dark red colored heart. It screams out passion!

Symbolism per Color

Color is one of the most important qualities of every flower, and it says a lot. Sometimes, even much more than first appearance might suggest. Did you know these hidden messages behind different colors of Tulips for example?

  • By gifting a red Tulip, the giver implies that the receiver is “The One” for him or her.
  • When your customers want to send a more delicate message, they can opt for pink Tulips (this shows affection to the receiver) or yellows (you make me happy).
  • The cream-colored Tulip is for couples that want to say “I love you forever.”
  • Orange Tulips symbolize desire and passion.
  • White Tulips indicate purity.
  • Purple-colored Tulips can be used to tell someone: “You are my queen/king.”

Tulips for Valentine’s Day: A Must-Have for your Range!

So, we hope we have convinced you to show a beautiful range of fresh, crispy Tulips in your Valentine’s Day range and that you can tell the story of these amazing Dutch-grown flowers to your customers!

Visit our webshop to see the current offerings or contact your Account Manager for more information about varieties and availability.

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