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6 Ideas to Boost your Christmas Flower Sales

Christmas is almost upon us. People are starting to gather the groceries and ingredients for this year’s Christmas dinner. Decorations can’t be left behind, of course. In the week that’s yet to come, you’ll probably welcome all kinds of customers buying their Christmas flowers and looking for the latest Christmas trends.

Chances are that – just like with that Christmas dinner – you’re going to be stuck with leftovers. Well, as any good cook would tell you: there’s no such thing as leftovers. We roamed the internet and found all sorts of cool ideas that you could make with those remainder flowers that might not be suitable to sell as a bouquet anymore.

The ideas in this list are best suited for florists and flower shops because they focus on the end consumer. If you’re a wholesaler, feel free to share this inspiration with your own customers. In that way, together we make sure that as many of our beautiful flowers as possible find the place that they deserve.

You can find examples of all the ideas we discuss below on this Pinterest board we’ve put together.

Floral Christmas presents

Christmas Table Decorations

Use the flowers that don’t sell as well as you’d hoped to make a couple of these floral Christmas presents. They would look well under any Christmas tree, or as a finishing touch to a nice table setting. Hotel lobbies, reception halls of big office buildings; the possible clientele for this product would be very broad.

And they are quite easy to make! Especially when you follow the steps of this how-to-video that we made for you.

Partner up with your local liquor store

Many people might already have bought the flowers for their Christmas arrangements. But, what comes right after Christmas? Right: New Year’s Eve! With the bottle of champagne classically taking center stage. Why not flower it up a bit?

This is not just an opportunity for you to push your Christmas sales to New Year’s. It is also a chance for your local liquor store to stand out with their products. So partner up! Feel free to use the images on our Pinterest board to pitch the idea, select some eye-catching flowers to design a selection of bottles with, and arrange a way to split the profits of the items sold.

Rustic Lantern Centerpiece

Christmas is a feast of lights, romance, and cosines. All of these characteristics are captured in this stylish floral product. All you need is some nice looking lanterns that aren’t too expensive. Etsy has a wide selection. Or you could try your local thrift shop, to make it more durable.

And why stop at lanterns? Thrift shops are a paradise of affordable items with history and appearance.

Cups of Flowers

Instead of borrowing a cup of flour, how about selling cups of flowers? When you’re in that thrift shop, you might as well make a visit to their kitchen department. You’ll find all sorts of cups, ranging from retro to stylish and trendy. Fill the cups with some floral foam that’s soaked in water and arrange the flowers as you see fit.

Mini Bouquets

If you’re not into cups, you could also make some cute mini bouquets. They make for fancy table details or could be used as elegant floral Christmas tree decorations. For you, they are an excellent chance to sell some extra flowers at the checkout counter, where you can use them to seduce customers to spend that little bit extra and also buy a mini bouquet.

Doggy Bag Bouquet

To conclude this article, we thought to circle back to the analogy about the leftovers from Christmas dinner.

We all know the doggy bag that you can request at a restaurant, to bring home your leftovers in. You know, when you act like the food is for your dog, but you’re not fooling anyone and everyone knows it’s for yourself?

You could take this approach and use it as an idea to bring your customers some wonderfully original flower products.

Let’s spread the inspiration (and flowers)!

We’d love to see what beautiful creations you are going to make from these ideas. If you decide to make any, please tag us in your pictures on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll be sure to share your work with our own followers.

Also, feel free to share this article with your own (florist) customers, to help them sell as many flowers as possible.

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