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Champagne Christmas Flowers: Floral Design Trend 2020

Why wait for New Year’s Eve if we can already use Champagne for Christmas?! For many of our customers, and ourselves, this year’s holiday season will be different compared to previous years. Due to the COVID pandemic, residents of many countries are forced to limit their trips and socials contacts. As an outcome, people want to make their home cozy and festive, even more than usual. What else can be used better than flowers? In the coming weeks, we will inspire you with ideas on how to implement fresh, dried, and painted flowers into cheery designs to maximize your holiday season flower sales! This week we present to you the champagne Christmas flowers trend.

How to Combine Champagne Christmas Flowers with Other Flowers

You might think that using champagne-colored flowers in your floral designs will turn out to a too feminine or too tacky appearance. But, because champagne matches perfectly with almost any other color, you might be surprised! In this blog post, we’ll show you that by combining champagne with various color palettes, all have their own look and feel.

Classic color combinations with champagne

  • Pale pink, blush pink, or powder pink combined with off-white and champagne
  • Champagne with cream or beige and antique gold

Daring color combinations with champagne

  • Raspberry pink with champagne and gold
  • Champagne with aubergine and metallic pink
  • Champagne with pale pink and greyed purple

Champagne-colored Christmas Flowers and Greenery Varieties

In the Holex webshop you can find a wide range of champagne-colored flowers and greenery.

Symbolism of Champagne

Champagne is a celebration drink for many centuries already. Drinking Champagne uplifts celebrations like victories, birthdays, and, of course, New Year’s Eve. Champagne stands for luxury but is also low-key. The color symbolism of champagne is bringing on happiness and the feeling of joy. And isn’t that just what we all need most at these confusing times?

Floral Design Ideas with Champagne Christmas Flowers

With the champagne-colored Christmas flowers in our fresh, dried and painted flowers and greens range your customers will have a plethora of floral design options. From Roses to Carnations, from Eucalyptus to Chamaecyparis: the possibilities are endless! Take a look at the pictures below for inspiration.

50 Shades of pink with a Christmassy look

50 Shades of Pink with Champagne

Go all out with pinks! Combine various shades of pink in one floral design, and mix them up with champagne for extra glamour! By using typical Christmas greenery like Chamaecyparis, a Christmassy look is inevitable. In this floral design we’ve used:

  • Amaryllis Darling
  • Rosa Spray Sweet Flow
  • Eustoma (Lisianthus) Doube Rosita Rose Pink
  • Limonium painted Metallic Pink
  • Chamaecyparis painted Champagne
  • Chamaecyparis Blue
Classic flowers with a shiny twist

Add Classic Flowers with a Shiny Twist

For a more elegant look, combine champagne-colored items with classical flowers and greenery in pastel colors. In for a bit of fun?? We have a lot of shiny varieties in our range! In the picture you see:

  • Anthurium painted Touch of Gold
  • Limonium painted Metallic Pink
  • Eucalyptus Cinerea painted Champagne
  • Carnation Apple Tea

Bohemian Chic: Vintage Colors Mixed with Champagne

Boho chic is still a major design and interior trend, and therefore you will be ensured of a lot of enthusiastic customers when offerings appropriate colors and products in your Christmas floral range. Greyed and vintage-looking colors, from dark to soft, match perfectly champagne. For example, offer the products you see in this picture:

  • Carnation painted Molly Black
  • Skimmia painted Champagne
  • Chamaecyparis painted White

Champagne Flowers in The Holex Webshop

When you enter the Holex webshop, you can easily find champagne-colored flowers when you type “champagne” in the search bar. If you have any questions about products, pricing, or availability, please contact your Holex Holland or Holex USA account manager!

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