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Dried Flowers Design Tutorial [TREND 2017]

Dried flowers are THE trend of 2017! Not everybody has a flower press, and it is not necessary either. You can make your own ‘press’: an old phone book is ideal for this. Not all flowers are suitable for drying; for example, the flower head should not be too massive. You can use the rule: how thinner the flower, the more fitting.

Dry your flowers (and leaves) between the pages of the phone book. It may also be another book of course, as long as it’s made of moisture-absorbing paper. Put some books or other dense material on top of the phone book; this is giving the pressure it needs to flatter the flowers.

Examples of flowers which are easy to dry: Gypsophila, Astilbe, Trachelium, Statice, and Amaranthus.

Watch the video tutorial about how to dry flowers, and how to create a stunning piece of art by putting them in a glass frame.

Time: 5 days | Difficulty: easy (**)

Steps for designing with dried flowers:

1. Choose the flowers you want to dry.
2. If you want, you can cut the stem of the flower to the desired length.
3. The time of drying depends on the type of flower, for a good result dry them at least five days.
4. Be careful with the dried flowers; they are fragile. Just like the glass frame.
5. Playtime! Design by choose.

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