Famous Floral Designers to Follow On Instagram

The internet is full of inspirational content for your flower designs. Social media, and especially Instagram is a perfect place to get new ideas, combinations and styles. But where do you have to look? To make things easier for you and your customers we’ve created a list of famous floral designers to follow on Instagram. Check out the list below and take a look at the Instagram profiles. Also, check out and follow our own Instagram profile for designs and inspiration.

@ fjura_

This is the Instagram page of Simone Gooch. She is close to 60.000 followers on her page. Her designs and also the photography style used is very abstract. If you are curious about the page, you can visit it here.

Source: Instagram.com/fjura_


Tomas de Bruyne is a floral architect, and award winning author and designer of bespoke floral architectural experiences worldwide. His Instagram page is very diverse and can offer a ton of inspiration. Visit the Instagram page here.

Source: Instagram.com/tomasdebruyne


The Instagram page of Thishumidhouse, a botanical design studio, stands out because of their own style of flower design and photography. There are a lot of botanical images to be found on this page. Also noticeable are the pictures with a very classy and old style. Their page has almost 8.000 followers and is growing rapidly. Visit the Instagram page of Thishumidhouse here.

Source: Instagram.com/thishumidhouse

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No doubt that floral wedding designs are popular on Instagram. Most of us dream about our “big day” with a lots of flowers. Stoneblossom’s Instagram page has over 20.000 followers who love all the designs that are placed on this page. If you’re looking for some wedding and event inspiration, be sure to check out their page here.

Source: instagram.com/stoneblossom


Classic, stylish and beautiful. Those three words are the best when it comes to describing the Instagram page of daisyzoom. Almost every picture looks like a painting. The bouquets are made with a classic style and one thing that really stands out is that a lot of dried flowers are used. Something that fits perfectly within today’s trend. Check out the Instagram page here.

Source: instagram.com/daisyzoom


The Instagram page of Roni Floral Design has over 11.000 followers. The company specializes in floral and event designing. Based in the southern of France, this company creates astonishing designs. One of the things that really stands out is the shape of the flower works. Nothing dull, but interesting and creative shapes. Check out their Instagram page here.

Source: Instagram.com/roni_flora_design


Butterfly is a floral and event design company based in Los Angeles, USA. Their portfolio consists of floral work and designs for weddings, bouquets, receptions, events, holiday décor and more. The great thing about their designs is they all seem to have their own style and feel. Their great floral work is not going unnoticed. Their Instagram has more than 55.000 followers. If you’re looking for great floral event inspiration then be sure to check out this page here.

Butterflyfloral Instagram | Holex Flower
Source: Instagram.com/butterflyfloral

@ Baobabflowerdesign

An Instagram page with a nice, inspirational feed does not always need to have a lot of followers. The page of baobabflowerdesign has over 2.000 followers but has a lot of inspirational content. One of the things that definitely stands out is the more “wildy” style of the designs. A lot of green is used in the designs and the stems are kept quite long. Check out the Instagram page here.

Baobabflowerdesign | Holex Flower
Source: Instagram.com/baobabflowerdesign


Colors, colors and more colors! The Instagram page of Federica Ambrosini is full of colorful designs and events. Only looking at the Instagram page of this Italian designer will already make you happy. No wonder she has over 47.000 followers. Check out her Instagram page here and be inspired!

Federica Amrosini Instagram | Holex Flower
Source: instagram.com/federicaambrosini


Paula Rooney is an award winning international luxury floral designer. Her Instagram page with almost 20.000 followers is full of stunning floral designs. Most of her work is made for weddings and events. Beautiful centerpieces, corsages and bouquets can be found here. If you’re looking for romantic, modern wedding inspiration then be sure to check out her page here.

Source: instagram.com/paularooneyfloraldesigner


Laura Dowling is a great floral designer with a large focus on large bouquets and wreaths. She is also the former Chief Floral Designer of the White House. Her designs have a very classy and romantic look. Go to her Instagram page here

source: Instagram.com/lauradowlingtheflorist


This Instagram profile is run by Sue Mcleary. She is an instructor, presenter and calls herself a “corsage ambassador”. No surprise that her Instagram page is full of beautiful corsages and designs. Besides the designs, Sue also sometimes posts pictures of single flowers, showing their beauty. One of the things that strikes the most is the continuous use of the same photography style. It is very clean, artsy and often a grey background is used. Check out the Instagram page here.

Source: Instagram.com/passionflowersue


Flirty Fleurs is a brand by Alicia Schwede. They organize a lot of floral design classes based in Seattle, USA. Their purpose on Instagram is to encourage, educate and inspire other floral designers. Take a look at the Flirtyfleur Instagram page here

Source: instagram.com/flirtyfleurs


Holly Chapple is a floral event designer and educator at her own flower school called Hope Flower Farm. Her instagram profile has over 97.000 followers that are spoiled everyday with beautiful designs. Her feed mostly contains designs for weddings like centerpieces, bouquets and table decorations. Take a look at Holly Chapple’s instagram page here

Source: instagram.com/hollychapple


Philippa Craddock is a world renowned florist, design and home fragrance brand. They also run a flower school in London where they give workshops in many categories. Over 100.000 people follow their Instagram profile. Their Instagram feed is full of wonderful looking designs varying from small to enormous flower designs. There is a lot of focus on styling and fashion as well. Visit the Philippa Craddock Instagram page here

Source: instagram.com/philippacraddock


Lace Events is an event planner based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Their Instagram profile with over 90.000 followers is run by their founder and head designer Sarah. If you’re looking for inspiration for events, large centerpieces or floral table decoration that his is profile is certainly one you need to check out. Take a look at the @Laceevents profile here.

Source: instagram.com/laceevents


Jeff Leatham is a flower designer and has the most followers from out list. An astonishing 958.000 people follow his Instagram profile. Besides beautiful pictures of his wonderful work at events and designs for celebrities like Dolly Parton and Oprah Winfrey, Jeff also shares a lot of his personal life. This makes people feel related to him, making him an “Instagram celebrity” and quickly raised his amount of followers. If you want to be astonished by his amazing flower designs and don’t mind scrolling through some none-flower related content than this surely a profile you need to follow. Check it out here.

Source: instagram.com/jeffleatham


Based in Sydney, Australia, John Emmanuel Floral events is a luxury wedding floral designer with amazing designs. Every picture surely has the wow-effect. If you’re looking for wedding inspiration than this profile is a must follow! Check it out here.

Source: instagram.com/johnemmanuelfloralevents