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Floral Design Ideas: Shoulder Corsage

Doesn’t your bride-to-be want to carry a bridal bouquet all day long? Looking for something different, quirky and eccentric that expresses her personality all the way? Opt for a shoulder corsage! With this accessory, you create a distinctive yet extravagant look in an instant.

Corsages, Popular for Centuries!

Did you know that corsages already were popular in Ancient Greece? They were worn by many people to ward off evil spirits. Nowadays we wear them for special occasions. The most well-known corsages are the corsages which are worn on the chest or wrist – for women, and boutonnieres for men. The difference is simple: a corsage is actually a tiny bouquet, and a boutonniere is just a single flower with some greenery. Shoulder corsages – also known as floral epaulet – are becoming more and more popular! It’s a great alternative for special people like the mother of the bride, or the maid of honor, to stand out from the rest of the bride’s pair entourage.

Amazing Floral Shoulder Corsage Designs

We discovered some great shoulder corsage designs online! Be inspired by the pictures underneath 🙂

Shoulder Corsage Bride | Holex Flower

Source: Pinterest

Pastel Shoulder Corsage

Source: Pinterest

Bold Shoulder Corsage

Source: Pinterest

Elegant Shoulder Corsage

Source: Pinterest


More Design Inspiration

Click here to visit our Pinterest mood board for great design ideas for shoulder corsages! Have you ever designed something like this with Holex flowers? We would love to see the results! Visit our Facebook page and leave a picture!

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