Floral Poke Bowl | Pick #1: Bohemian Summer

Deeper colors are slowly taking over our cooler, and the first berries have presented themselves! Together with some silver-colored pale greens, creams, and soft peaches, this makes a stunning bohemian mixture. Take a look at this week’s cooler pick: the Bohemian Summer floral poke bowl!

Floral Poke Bowl | Holex Flower

Flowers in the Bohemian Summer Floral Poke Bowl:

  1. Asclepias Hello Yellow – This bright member of the Asclepias family bursts a sunny summer vibe into your designs. Hello yellow!
  2. Cosmos White – This pure white blossom with its golden heart adds a delicate touch in every bouquet.
  3. Phlox De Hulk  – Look at those sturdy green spiked cones! If you are looking for a texture-bringer, this is the summery product of choice.
  4. Symphoricarpos Magical Avalanche – Yes, there they are again: Snowberries! We have plenty of whites in stock, and in a few weeks, we can enjoy the pinks as well. Yay!
  5. Astilbe Washington – At this time of the year we cannot miss out on all the beautiful Astilbe varieties that our cooler is filled with. Astilbe Washington is one of the prettiest, and it just needs to be in our floral poke bowl!
  6. Rubus Chester – This is really something! Branches filled with blackberries, with a very good vase life! PERFECT for trendy late summer/fall wedding designs!
  7. Sedum Green – You may have Sedum planted in your garden, but as a cut flower, it is also a perfect product! A good vase life, and with its pale green color very usable in trendy design work.
  8. Scabiosa Stellata – The peculiar dried balls of Scabiosa Stellata add an interesting texture and have a natural appearance.
  9. Crocosmia Berries Green – These Crocosmia branches, filled with green berries, are just perfect to use in large arrangements.
  10. Daucus Carota – We are in love with Daucus Carota! <3 You may also know this amazing flower as Queen Anne’s Lace.
  11. Clematis Amazing Wig – If you are looking for really something different, try this Clematis Amazing Wig. Each branch contains multiple little “wigs”, that look really distinguished!
  12. Carnation Moon Golem -Right in the middle of this floral poke bowl we see Moon Golem. The very pale peach color of Carnation Moon Golem makes that this is a match made in heaven with all bohemian spirited designs.

Floral Poke Bowl Bohemian


As you can see in the picture at the top of this post, we have found two other amazing flowers that perfectly fit in this style:

  1. Tricytris – The delicate flowers of Tricytris are cream colored with little burgundy spots. Very distinctive!
  2. Phlox Blind Lion – The sturdy look of Phlox Blind Lion together with the very dark burgundy color makes this a very special flower.

More Poke Bowl Flowers and Floral Inspiration

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