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Flowers to combine with Roses for Valentine’s Day: 11 Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching rapidly, and you want to offer your customers a complete range of beautiful flowers. Of course, Roses are V-Day’s no. 1 bestseller. But with which flowers – that are also in season – can they be combined? In this article, we offer you a plethora of ideas on which flowers you can combine with Roses in romantic bouquets!

#1 | Red Tulips, A Dutch All-Time Favorite

Red Tulips are expressing fresh, crispy love! A stunning design can be made by everyone: just put them in a nice vase, and they will instantly start to spread a romantic vibe. In the picture, you see Tulip Ile de France. We also offer the red varieties Tulip Strong Love and Tulip Red Princess for Valentine’s Day. All varieties can be ordered per 50 stems in the Holex Holland webshop.

Red Tulips, A Dutch All-Time Favorite

#2 | Mix Rose Madam Red with delicate feminine flowers

Who says that red cannot be combined with pastel tones? Look at the beautiful contrast red Rose Red Madam gives to the softer palette in this bouquet. The dreamy looking pink Lisianthus Alissa Light Pink and Astrantia Pretty Ballerina, combined with the delicate Ammi Green Mist, make sure this bouquet is an outburst of feminine romance!

Rose Madam Red with delicate feminine flowers

#3 | V-Day Color Blocking with Choco Roses

This bouquet design definitely doesn’t have the classic V-Day style, but is fiercely color blocking with intriguing flowers! With the cloudy white base of Lisianthus Alissa Pure White, the bold red Rose Choco Red Love R394 and the Gypsophila painted Red really stand out! Did you notice that the Choco Roses carry a little white heart in their center? For sure, this mix is not for the crowd but will definitely turn heads!

#4 | Sizzling Tropical Valentine’s Bouquet

Just a few branches of Areca are needed to create a tropical vibe! Who doesn’t likes to be brought in a romantic summery mood in the middle of wintertime? Mix the well-known red Rose Ever Red with Holstein Flowers’ red Gerbera Rodeo and Germini Micro Solo (look at those feisty little flowers!). Add just a touch of hot pink with Carnation Cervantes for some extra flair. Smiles and kisses guaranteed!

Sizzling Tropical Valentine’s Bouquet

#5 | Classical Red Roses with Gyp

This combination will always be Valentine’s Day winning team. The stunning Red Rose Red Elegance seems to be floating on a white cloud of Gypsophila Million Stars. Simply breathtaking! For our customers who always order Gypsophila Xlence: read this article to discover what the differences are compared to the Million Stars variety!

Classical Red Roses with Gyp

#6 | Playful Pink and Burgundy Red

Roses, Lisianthuses, and Hydrangeas are really romantic flowers, and their appearance will even be boosted when you combine them together in a bouquet! For customers whose favorite V-Day color isn’t red, you can offer the stunning light pink Spray Rose Aerobic. They mix great with Lisianthus Arosa Red and Hydrangea Magical Trophy Red. Dare to create a playful look with different heights!

Playful Pink and Burgundy Red

#7 | Bold Valentine’s Beauty

A mix of red and pink, slightly unimaginable that this will be a match, right? Well, it certainly is! Look at the combination of the bold looking bicolored Carnation Bacarat Purple, Calla Red Charm, Limonium Pink Beauty, and Rose Red Torch! A cheerful, millennial-proof design with flowers that are easily orderable in the Holex webshop. Make sure you offer them in your range!

Bold Valentine’s Beauty

#8 | Cheerful Romance in A Bunch

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about red, white, and pink only! Mix up with peach and purple to create a playful look that will surely stun your customers. Make sure to offer enough flowers to accompany the “traditional” V-Day flower range, so designers will have enough design freedom! This bouquet shows you how nice the combination of Spray Rose Party Trendsetter, Clematis Inspiration, Tulip White Liberstar, and Lisianthus Alissa Champagne looks!

Cheerful Romance in A Bunch

#9 | Spread Love with Pink Tulips

Did you know that pink Tulips express happiness and confidence? So, if your customers are looking for a gift for their long-married spouses, this will be an excellent flower to opt for! Besides the symbolism, Tulips also make people aware that springtime is nearby: the incredible time of the year when nature awakes after a period of hibernation. On the picture, you see Tulip Dynasty, but this is not the only pink Tulip variety the Holex webshop has to offer for Valentine’s Day. For instance, take a look at Tulip Matchmaker, Tulip Tom Pouce, and Tulip Double Foxtrot: all are varieties that deserve a place in your V-Day flower range!

Spread Love with Pink Tulips

#10 | Romantic Simplicity with Roses and Eucalyptus

Sometimes all you need to show your love doesn’t need to be complicated, and therefore the two products you see in this picture always need to be in your range: red Spray Rose Rubicon and Eucalyptus Parvifolia make a beautiful romantic couple.

Romantic Simplicity with Roses and Eucalyptus

#11 | Gerberas that Shout out LOVE!

Ever thought of a mixed Gerbera bouquet for Valentine’s Day? We have selected a stunning mix of Holstein Flowers Gerbera varieties that will blow your customer’s minds, for sure! Various types and sizes assure a playful and fierce look. On the picture, you see the large-flowered Gerbera Rodeo, the spikey large bloomed Gerbera Spider Premiere, the small spiked Germini Micro Solo, the small bloomed Germini Micro Furie, and the fantastic “filled” Gerbera Pomponi Red Light. Visit our webshop to see other available red Gerbera varieties for Valentine’s Day, and make your own selection!

Gerberas that Shout out LOVE!
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