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HOLEX X ADOMEX | Ruscus Aculateus for a Fabulous Moongate

 HOLEX X ADOMEX: Showing You the Beauty of Greenery, Together > A Grand Gesture with Green 

Did your customers request a trendy moongate for their wedding? That’s understandable, because it is a beautiful and elegant way to frame the most important moment of the day.

The moongate originated as a circular opening in a garden wall, meant for pedestrians to pass through. Classically, it consisted of an arch, usually made of stone, placed in the garden wall. The floral moongate that is now a big trend for weddings was inspired by this form but is made up of greenery itself, often with flowers woven through it.

The beautiful think about this is: you can make it as rich and luxurious, or minimalistic as you’d like! Here is the one that we made using:

  • Ruscus Aculateus
  • PVC pipe
  • A wooden plank as basis
  • Some tie wraps to secure the moongate to the plank

Using a flexible material like PVC, it is quite easy to make the frame for the gate. Then you can weave the greenery you chose as a basis around that frame. Depending on the theme of the wedding and the wishes of the couple, you can add flowers and colors as you like.

What We Used

For this moongate, we used Ruscus Aculateus. You can find the details of this variety below. Looking for more inspiration? Then you could also take a look at the other articles in this series, for many more great greeneries to use for your wedding:

Looking to order these products? The greenery of Adomex are available via the Holex webshop. Here you can find the most current availability and price information.

Ruscus Aculateus

Price range: $$
Availability: year-round
Available lengths: 70 / 100 cm
Minimum order quantity: per 5 bunch

You can find the products that we used in our webshop, simply select “greens” under collections in the left menu!
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