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HOLEX X ADOMEX | Showing You the Beauty of Greenery, Together

Holex Flower and Adomex have joined forces in order to inspire you how beautiful greenery can be in your wedding decorations. We’ll show you why using greenery is growing out to be one of the main wedding trends for today. It is minimalistic, it is modern, while at the same time being natural and bustling with life.

And using greenery in your wedding bouquets doesn’t mean choosing a completely green wedding. It can be extremely versatile, which makes greenery easy to combine. This means that every wedding couple can create their own preferred style by mixing the greenery with flowers of their favorite color.

Using greenery will create a stylish and luxurious setting for any wedding. From lush and rich designs to small accents: there are many ways to use greenery for creating a style that your guests won’t soon forget!

How to Order Adomex Greeneries via Holex

In the Holex webshop you’ll find a broad selection of greenery, offered to you by Adomex. At a glance, you’ll be able to see which varieties and lengths are available.

If you’re planning a wedding for a date that is not yet available as a delivery date, please feel free to contact your Holex Account Manager for availability and prices. They’d love to help you find the perfect greenery to make the upcoming event a rooting success!

Showing You the Beauty of Greenery

But we’re not just here to tell you to order those beautiful greenery. We said we wanted to inspire you and show you the beauty of greenery in wedding decorations, so that is what we are going to do.

Allow us to guide you through a lot of inspirational settings and photoshoots we put together for you.

A Grand Gesture With GREEN

Here you’ll find inspiration for breathtaking, eye-catching arrangements in green. Just be careful not to distract the attention from the bride too much! Discover the designs >

Eucalyptus Is a Girl’s Best Friend

That Eucalyptus is not just for koalas is being proven by the designs in this collection. Not just a lust for the eye, but also for the nose, which makes it an excellent addition to set the mood for a romantic wedding ceremony and reception! Discover the designs >

Setting the Table with Green & Other Low-Cost Design Ideas

Don’t forget about the table setting! The dinner to celebrate your brand new union is an important part of your wedding day. Greenery is particularly well suited for creating elegant and cost-efficient table settings, as we will show you in this article. Discover the designs >

Say “YES” to Ruscus Aculateus for Your Floral Moongate

The Floral Moongate became a wedding trend for a reason. It is a beautiful and natural way to frame the most important part of the wedding: the moment you say “I do”. Discover the designs >

You can find the products that we used in our webshop, simply select “greens” under collections in the left menu!

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