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Holex USA: Our Favorite Purple-Colored Flowers

Purple is such a fantastic color, and we are happy to have a lot of fabulous purple-colored flowers in our webshop! In this blog post, we will show our North American customers our favorite purple flowers in the Miami webshop department. From the almost black Carnation Moonvista to the radiating purple Stock: all purple-toned flowers in this blog post will add a majestic vibe to floral designs. Enjoy and be inspired!

The Miami Webshop: Our Favorite Purple-Colored Flowers

List of purple colored flowers

1.    Brassica Red Crane – The sturdy look of Brassica looks excellent in rustic bouquets and arrangements. Mix Red Crane (don’t let this name confuse you!) with other purple-colored flowers for a surprising design result.

2.    Hydrangea Purple – All Hydrangeas are incredible flowers, but this purple variety stands out! What a fantastic color!

3.    Carnation Moonvista – The Moon series Carnations are all winners. Moonvista has such a dark color; it almost looks artificial! Visit our webshop to see our complete Moon series offerings.

4.    Trachelium Purple – Trachelium will bring an air of delicacy to a floral arrangement, and we are sure that when your customers use this purple variety, the design will breathe out luxury.

5.    Ranunculus Purple – This Ranunculus has a royal look! Use it in a color-coordinated bouquet with other purple-colored flowers, or as a contrasting focal flower.

6.    Acacia Purpurea – the elegant leaves of Acacia Purpurea are countless. When you look at a single stem, this greenery almost looks like it comes straight out of a painting! Thus, perfect for luxurious designs.

7.    Lisianthus Balboa Purple – Remember the Pantone Color of The Year 2018, UltraViolet? This Lisanthus variety hits bull’s eye!

8.    Waxflower Purple – Waxflower purple is an excellent filler for rustic designs. This robust flower has a great vase life and will not let your customers down when they use it for event designs, like garlands and wreaths.

9.    Alstroemeria Cote d’Azur – When the flowers of Cote d’Azur open up, the fantastic purple color tone will enlighten you. Very nice to combine with soft lavender-colored flowers.

10.    Stock Purple – Stock, also known as Matthiola, has a fantastic fragrance. This, combined with the lovely summery appearance of Stock Purple, makes it an all-time favorite!

Design Inspiration with Purple Flowers

Purple-colored flowers symbolize royalty and luxury, so they are perfect to use in large, extravagant floral designs. But did you know that purple also represents creativity and wisdom? Use the flowers mentioned earlier in this blog post in a graduation bouquet, or a thank-you bouquet for someone you admire, and you will be spot on!

Bouquet with purple flowers

Suggestions to combine purple-colored flowers with other flowers

–    Try a combination with Acacia Purpurea, Waxflower Purple, Ranunculus Purple, Anemone Marianne Panda, Dusty Miller Lace, and Brunia Silver for a chic boho look. Wow!

–    Mix all of the Moon series Carnations the Miami webshop has to offer and use them in a pomander: success guaranteed!

–    For a bright graduation bouquet: combine Alstroemeria Cote d’Azur and Stock Purple with Mini Hydrangea Green Mojito, Lily LA Menorca, and Peony Coral Charm.

Purple-Colored Flowers in our Webshop

When you visit the Holex webshop, you will find a plethora of purple flowers! In both the Holland and the Miami department, you can use the “search on color” option in the side menu and pick purple, and the specific offerings of the department you are in will appear.

When you have any questions about the availability of purple-colored flowers, please contact your Account Manager!

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