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Holex USA: Our Favorite Striking Blue Flowers

Blue-colored flowers are perfect to use in Father’s Day floral designs, bouquets for men, and of course in a blue-themed wedding! We have selected our favorite striking blue flowers from the Miami webshop department, especially for our North American customers. Be inspired, and add these beauties to your floral range!

Our Favorite Striking Blue Flowers

  1. Tinted Rose Sky Blue – Sky Blue lives up to its name: the gorgeous blue tones look like a clear blue sky. Use this amazing Rose in pastel-colored romantic, or vintage floral designs for an interesting contrast.
  2. Hydrangea Blue Premium – This Hydrangea has a powerful appearance! You only have to use a few stems in your bouquet for a maximum effect.
  3. Eryngium Blue Lagoon – Looking for some sturdy Father’s Day floral options? Eryngium Blue Lagoon is a must-have in your range! The prickly Thistle certainly will give your bouquet a manly boost.
  4. Anemone Blue – Take a look at this piece of art… We are in love with the water colored looks of Anemone Blue! That’s why this Anemone variety can’t be missed in this list of our favorite striking blue flowers 😊
  5. Hydrangea Shocking Blue – The little blooms that form the big ball of Shocking Blue are almost countless! This Hydrangea variety can be used in many design styles and is especially very romantic in blue-themed wedding designs.
  6. Delphinium Candle Blue – The bottom flowers of this Delphinium variety almost radiate! More to the top, the flowers are colored more pale blue. If you want to design with flowers that stand out, do not forget about Candle Blue!
  7. Delphinium Blue Triton – Weddings always need some larger floral designs; and when you have to work with a blue color scheme, there may be only a few options. No need to stress: Delphinium Blue Triton won’t let you down! With its majestic appearance, it will give your design the look and feel that your bride’s couple is aiming for.

Striking Blue Flowers in The Holex Webshop

When you visit the Holex webshop, you will find a plethora of blue flowers! In both the Holland and the Miami department, you can use the “search on color” option in the side menu and pick blue, and the specific offerings of the department you are in will appear.

When you have any questions about the availability of blue-colored flowers, please contact your Account Manager.

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