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Holex USA: Our Favorite Tropical Flowers & Greens

The tropical summer season is here! With so many exotic tropical flowers and greens to choose from, it will be easier if we lay out our favorite tropical flowers & greens for you! Check out these exotic tropical flowers and greens in the Miami webshop.

Our Favorite Tropical Greens

Alocasia Calidora

A beautiful, large leaf that would be great in centerpieces and other large flower designs.

Cordyline Green Tips

This Cordyline variety is very versatile. Give it a go in a bouquet design and you will be surprised!

Dracaena Green Tip Jamaica Song

Such a beautiful piece of greenery! It look like it comes straight out of the rainforest. Perfect for a tropical bouquet!

Dracaena Green Tip Song of India

The amazing outlines of this green is perfect to add a tropical texture to your floral arrangement.

Monstera Leaf

A popular choice to add some shades of lush to your floral design.

Our Favorite Tropical Flowers

Alpinia Ginger Pink

Look at this sweet flower! The pinkish color of this flower will truly enrich your lovely tropical floral design.

Heliconia Wagneriana Chubby

This Heliconia is one of the most tropical looking flowers for sure.

Musa Praying Hands

The shape of flower creates a unique texture to your tropical summer design.

Torch Ginger Red

Incorporate this flower into your floral design for an exotic tropical vibe.

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