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Holex USA: USA Memorial Day Painted Hydrangeas

Tinted Hydrangea Colors | Holex Flower

Painted Hydrangeas make sure that the design options for your customers are becoming endless! They are available in the Miami section of our webshop in many, many colors. Painted Hydrangeas are also available in red, white and blue, so perfect for a lot of Memorial Day designs. Make sure that you offer your customers USA Memorial Day Painted Hydrangeas, available now!

Painted Hydrangeas for USA Memorial Day, A Design Opportunity!

The focus colors for USA Memorial Day floral designs are red, white, and blue. By offering your American customers the USA Memorial Day Painted Hydrangeas, you will hit the design bull’s eye! We have them available in monochrome Painted Red and Painted Blue, and you can complete the look with the beautiful naturally white-colored Hydrangea White. Want to go all out? Offer your customers the distinctive looking Hydrangea Painted USA, which has the three colors combined!

Hydrangea Tinted Red Blue White | Holex Flower

USA Memorial Day Painted Hydrangeas in the Holex Webshop

In the Miami department of our webshop, our North-American customers can find a wide assortment of Painted Hydrangeas. You can find the USA Memorial Day painted Hydrangeas there as well. If you have any questions about products, availability or pricing, please contact your Account Manager.

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