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How to Combine Astilbe with Other Flowers: 5 Ideas

Astilbe is one of the most romantic flowers to use in floral wedding designs! These flowers, almost available year-round, have their supply peak in the summertime but are also great to use during other seasons. Like spring! We have created five mood boards to show how you can combine Astilbe with spring flowers in our offerings.

Attraction: Compose Astilbe Erika with Asymmetrical Shapes

Astilbe Erika’s structure and distinctive pink color give this flower a very seductive appearance, you feel you might turn into daydreaming when you see it! To create an attractive design, we recommend combining Astilbe Erika with other alluring flowers like Lisianthus Arena Light Pink, Nerine Vesta K, Nigella Damascena Blue, and Clematis Amazing Miami. The asymmetrical shapes of these stunning flowers give an intriguing look to your design, and will enhance the looks of Astilbe Erika even more!

Vintage: Match Astilbe Else Schluck with Different Shapes and Textures

You will fall in love with Astilbe Else Schluck’s shape and alluring hot pink color, for sure! Mix this beauty with flowers like Scabiosa Cotton Candy Scoop, Statice Donau Birds, Eryngium Button, and Oxypetalum Coeruleum for a vintage look and feel. The different shapes and textures of the flowers, combined with Astilbe Else Schluck, will ensure a reminiscing and interesting floral design!

Brave: Mix Astilbe Europa with Empowering Flowers

Don’t be fooled by the soft appearance of Astilbe Europa! This amazing Astilbe variety has hidden powers, and can certainly be empowering when mixed with the right flowers!
Combine Astilbe Europa with flowers like Agapanthus White Bianca, Campanula Medium Champion White, Scabiosa At Lavender Scoop, and Rosa Prince of Persia, and create a floral design with energy!

Romantic: Combine Astilbe Purple Maggie Daley with Lovely Shades

Astilbe Purple Maggie Daley will inspire you to work with the characteristic pink shades of romance! To achieve a lovely and romantic impression, we suggest mixing Astilbe Purple Maggie Daley with flowers like Ranunculus Cloony Hanoi, Anemone Mistral Salmon/White, Matthiola Aida Apricot, and Amaranthus Yearming Desert Cream.

Innocent: Match Astilbe Washington with Minimalistic Flowers

Astilbe Washington looks incredibly pure due to her innocent shape and color. Matching minimalistic flowers like Veronica Spray Caya, Anigozanthos ‘Kangaroo paws’ Bush Diamond, Ranunculus Aazur White, and Achillea White Beauty combined with Astilbe Washington will give an innocent vibe to your design. Play with this eye-catching combination!

Astilbe in The Holex Webshop

When you log in to the Holland section of our webshop, you will find the daily updated Astilbe offerings. Make sure your customers get to know these charming flowers!

If you want to know more about Astilbe, visit the Astilbe Flowerwiki page here. For more designs inspiration and ideas about how to combine Astilbe with other flowers, visit our Pinterest mood board.

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