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How To Combine Dahlia With Other Flowers: 4 Ideas

Dahlias are stunning flowers that can be used in a large variety of flower designs. Dahlias are available in a lot of different colors and shapes. But which flowers combine well with Dahlia? To inspire you and your customers we will provide four wonderful design ideas in this blog post.


Adding Phlox Tracy, Phlox Blind Lion and Allium Mohican to Dahlia Black Fox makes a combination that is full of passion. The dark purple/red colors also look very classy.

Peach Pastel

Combine Dahlia Sweet Nathalie Procona together with Rose Pearl Avalanche, Calla Auckland and Lisianthus Alissa Champagne for a sweet, soft and peach-pastel colored flower design.

Sunnery Orange

The beauty of the orange Dahlia Renato Tosia Procona is expressed even more when you add Solidago Carzan Glory, Helianthus Sonja and Carnation Caroline to your floral designs. Great looking flowers that will enhance each other.

Sweet & Colorful

Are you looking to create a sweet and colorful design with Dahlia? Dahlia Cartouche Procona is a very good starting point. Add Gentiana Blue Sky, Spray Rose Ocean Mikado and Allium Green Drops to create your sweet and colorful flower design.

Dahlia in The Holex Webshop

When you log in to the Holland section of our webshop, you will find a wide range of Dahlia varieties. Make sure your customers get to know these beautiful varieties! Contact your Account Manager for more information.

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