How to Combine Fritillaria with Other Flowers: 5 Ideas

Fritillaria is a flower that has many different varieties that all have their unique shape and size. Fritillaria is a real seasonal product. It is available from February till June. There are many shapes and colors available but how do you combine them? That’s why we’ve created a list with 5 ideas to show you how to create some beautiful combinations with Fritillaria.

Pure: Combine Fritillaria Hermonis with Natural Flowers

When you are going for an innocent look, we recommend using flowers like Gypsophila Painted Pink, Cyperus Papyrus, Brunia Silver Spray and Allium Neopolitanum. All these flowers give a natural and honest look to your designs. Fritillaria Hermonis is a pure beauty that will definitely shine in spring.

Fritillaria Combinations

Out of the Box: Mix Fritillaria Meleagris Alba with Rough Textures.

If you are looking for something interestingly new for your designs, we suggest these flowers to achieve a wild and an out of the box look. Flowers like Ornithogalum Mount Fuji, Tanacetum Baya, Genista Pink, and Hardenbergia Violacea will enrich your designs even further. Design something different and try these amazing flowers in your designs.

Fritillaria Ornithogalum combination

Modern Green: Blend Fritillaria Uva Vulpis with Green and Yellow Shades

Fritillaria Uva Vulpis is a fantastic small variety that we offer. This little flower will stand out even when you blend it with these modern green and yellow shaded flowers. Use flowers like Daffodil Soleil d’Or, Tanacetum Single Vegmo, Chasmanthium Latifolium and Solidago Carzan Glory to enhance your floral arrangements.

Fritillara with Daffodil

Classy: Compose Fritillaria Elwesii with Elegant Colors

Some flowers don’t need flashy colors to look beautiful, sometimes elegant colored flowers will give a subtle wealthy appearance. To achieve a classy impression, we suggest to use flowers like Limonium Mr. Silver Pink, Daffodil Sir Winston Churchill, Waxflower Purple Pride, and Ranunculus Cloony Nerone.

Flower combination Fritillaria

Playful: Match Fritillaria Meleagris with Cheeky Flowers

Just like all Fritillaria varieties, Meleagris is also a bulb flower. Matching cheeky flowers like Bupleurum Griffithii, Anigozanthos Mini Pearl, Centau Cyanus Blue, and Liatris Callilepis will give a playful vibe to your designs. In this way, you can grab the attention more vividly.

Flowers to combine with Fritillaria

Fritillaria in The Holex Webshop

When you log in to the Holland section of our webshop, you will find a broad range of Fritillaria varieties from February to June. Make sure your customers get to know these fantastic flowers!

If you want to know more about Fritillaria, visit the Fritillaria flowerwiki page here.