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How To Combine Lisianthus with Other Flowers: 5 Ideas

Lisianthus is officially named as Eustoma. But sometimes we call this flower ‘Japanese Rose’ due to the rose shape of it. This transformative flower in our webshop is the most versatile floral piece for arrangements and bouquets. But which flowers are perfect to combine Lisianthus? Here in this blog post, we will provide five emerging design ideas!

Fresh Nature: Blend Lisianthus Alissa White with Botanical Textures

Lisianthus Alissa White brings out a fresh, natural look in a floral arrangement. This simple, yet elegant white colored Lisianthus is great with textured botanical flowers. Use botanical textured flowers like Brunia Silver, Stachys Byzantina Silver Finch, Waxflower Titan, as well as Rosa Ocean Song to combine Lisianthus Alissa White in a stunning fresh nature looking design.

Smart: Combine Lisianthus Black Pearl with Elegant Purple Undertones

This slightly muted purple colored Lisianthus Black Pearl pairs well with elegant purple untoned flowers in a floral design. To achieve this smart look, we used Astrantia Rosa Lee, Scabiosa Atrop Red Velvet, Carnation Painted Black Pride, and Leucadendron Jubilee Crown to bring out the best of it.

Futuristic: Match Lisianthus Piccolo Lavender with Cool Tints and Vibrant Colors

Get ready with this future proof floral design with Lisianthus Piccolo Lavender! The combination between cool tinted and vibrant colored flowers like Eucalyptus Cinerea Picasso, Celosia Caracas, Allium Aflatunense Purple Sensation, Aster NB Cassandra make a floral arrangement look futuristic when you combine Lisianthus Piccolo Lavender with it.

Adventurous: Mix Lisianthus Rosita Rose Pink with Charming Flowers

Lisianthus Rosita Rose Pink is the perfect flower for an adventurous Pink color palette. The charm of this flower is that the pink color is so inviting in an adventurous pink bouquet. Along with charming flowers like Campanula Medium Pink, Ranunculus Cloony Fragolino, Ranunculus Butterfly Ariadne, and Carnation Hypnosis, we have created an adventurous mix to enhance Lisianthus Rosita Rose Pink even more.

Naturalistic Feel: Combine Lisianthus Wonderous Light Brown with Earthy Tones

The exotic shape of Lisianthus Wonderous Light Brown creates a naturalistic feel for an earthy floral arrangement. This light brown colored Lisianthus works beautifully with flowers with earthy tones. Combine Lisianthus Wonderous Light Brown with earthy toned flowers like Nectaroscordum Siculum Bulgar, Ozoth Cooks Snow Whi, Ampelodesmos, and Pulsatilla Rood for an ideal naturalistic feel.

Lisianthus in The Holex Webshop

When you log in to the Holland section of our webshop, you will find a wide range of Lisianthus varieties. Make sure your customers get to know these beautiful flowers! If you want to know more about Lisianthus, visit the Lisianthus Flowerwiki page here.

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