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How to Combine Muscari with Other Flowers: 5 Ideas

Muscari, also known as Grape Hyacinth, is one of the flowers that when you see them in our webshop, it will make you realize that spring is coming soon! These lovely little, delicate flowers with their small “grape bunches” look-a-like shaped flowers will really lighten up any spring floral design. But which flowers can you use to combine Muscari? In this blog post, we’ll give you five great design ideas!

Elegant: Combine Muscari Helena with White Flowers

When you are aiming for a classic, sleek look and you want to use white flowers for the central part of your design, you can use Muscari Helena with them!  The little urn-shaped flowers will add a nice, distinguished contrast. We combined Helena with Scabiosa Milky Scoop, Gypsophila Discovery, Lisianthus Alissa White and Eucalyptus Parvifolia.

Combinations to make with Muscari Helena

Modern: Mix Muscari Manon with Texture-Bringers

Combine various textures for a great result! We’ve tried a combination of Gypsophila Painted Milka, Clematis

Amazing Kibo (don’t you love these??), Bear Grass, and Eucalyptus Baby Blue together with Muscari Manon. A floral design with all those different shapes will surely be eye-catching!

Combinations that you can make with Muscari Manon

Boho Chic: Fuse Muscari Cupido with Colored Flowers

The available range of Muscari varieties consists out of a full palette of blues, purples, whites, and also some bi-colored varieties. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot mix this great flower with other colors! Go for a boho chic look and combine the amazing light blue Muscari Cupido with Limonium Safora Lilac, Ranunculus Elegance Pink, Erica Pink, and Statice Rosella Sun Birds.

Muscari Cupido combinations

Rustic: Blend Muscari Joyce Spirit with Natural Shades

Muscari Joyce Spirit breathes out a calming atmosphere. Is this because of the stunning blue color? If you combine Muscari Joyce Spirit with natural looking beauties, like Waxflower Luna, Ranunculus Butterfly Ariadne, Amaranthus Yearming Desert, and Rosmarinus, you will create a tremendous rustic-looking floral design.

Tempting: Combine Muscari Latifolium with Jewel Tones

Purple symbolizes luxury, but also mysteriousness. The bi-colored Muscari Latifolium will undoubtedly add a tempting flair to your designs! Combine this beautiful variety with jewel-toned flowers like Clematis Blue Pirouette, Scabiosa Stellata, Cyperus Raven, and Dianthus Moonaqua, and you will be spot on today’s color design trends.

Muscari in The Holex Webshop

When you log in to the Holland section of our webshop, you will find a broad range of Muscari varieties from January to May. Make sure your customers get to know these fantastic flowers!

If you want to know more about Muscari, visit the Muscari flowerwiki page here. For more design inspiration and ideas on how to combine Muscari with other flowers, visit our Pinterest mood board!

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