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How to Make Floral Christmas Tree Decorations

Why go for the traditional Christmas decorations when you can spice up your Christmas tree with floral decorations. Place the Christmas tree in your store or home, we are certain that it will be a success. Use dried flowers for the best result. Be inspired by this tutorial, order the flowers in our webshop, and follow the steps to create these floral Christmas tree decorations.

Time needed: 40 minutes.

.Difficulty: easy (**)

Steps For Making These Floral Christmas Tree Decorations

  1. Christmas Balls

    Fill the Christmas balls with fake snow, a few leaves of Eucalyptus and Pinus. Make lovely combinations. Easy does it!

  2. Creating the garland

    Take a few Helichrysum flowers and wind iron wire around the stems. Do the same with the Lavendula and Sandifordii. Continue to do this until you have a nice garland. Create as much garlands as you like, depending on the size of your Christmas tree. Put the decorations in the tree.

  3. Enjoy!

    Your Floral Christmas Tree Decorations are now ready. Enjoy!


  • Empty Christmas Balls
  • Iron Wire
  • Secateurs
  • Knife
  • Fake Snow


  • 1 x Eucalyptus Baby Blue
  • 1 x Pinus Strobus
  • 2 x Helichrysum Pink Dried
  • 2 x Lavendula Preserved
  • 3 x Sandifordii Naturel Yellow Dried
Floral Christmas Tree Decorations
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