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Artisanal vases and flower pots made with leather

A unique product from a modern-day Dutch Master.

It’s Holland Show Week again: the time for floral businesses to present themselves.

This year, at Holex Flower we have adopted the theme “Dutch Masters” for our stand at IFTF: the International Floriculture Trade Fair in Vijfhuizen. In doing so, we wish to highlight the important role that flowers have played in the rich Dutch history.

But the stand is much more than a celebration of the Dutch painters of old, that created so many beautiful still lifes with flowers.

It is also an ode to the modern-day Dutch Masters. First of all, they are the growers and breeders that have dedicated their careers and lives to producing outstanding flowers. At the Holex head office, we also display some novelty works of other Modern Dutch Masters.

In this article, we wish to introduce to you the work of Liesbeth Coelen, founder and owner of Ruighuid. Instead of canvas, she uses leather, a thick iron needle acts as her brush and her signature is a brand.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In her studio in Riethoven, Liesbeth creates unique leather vases and flowerpots in an artisan manner. Few people can talk about their jobs with as much fire and enthusiasm as she can, but we’ll try and get some of the spark across.

Liesbeth started Ruighuid with the help of contacts from her own consultancy agency. Through these acquaintances, she came in contact with premium Dutch tanneries. This gave her access to European leather of the highest quality. A must, for the items she produces.

Ruig Fluit!

Liesbeth: “Leather from Asia would be cheaper, but for me, that’s not an option. In those markets, there’s less emphasis on maintaining a good diet and health for the animals. That shows in the quality of the leather.”

The Ruighuid brand can be found on every product, like the autograph a painter places under his paintings. But that’s not the only thing that makes Liesbeth’s craftmanship recognizable.

Liesbeth: “If you compare the vase that I’m currently making with my earlier work, you can really see the development in the stitches.”

Just like a painter whose work can be dated by the sophistication of their brush strokes.

That’s why we decided to invite Liesbeth to come and exhibit her products at Holex Flower’s headquarters, during the 2019 Holland Show Week. The pictures in this article are just a small selection of the unique vases, flower pots, candle holders and other leathery items she has to offer. Interested to learn more? Please ask your Holex Account Manager about the possibilities.

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