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Lovely Spring Floral Poke Bowl

There’s never been a poke bowl this rich. The fact that spring blooms every year lets you see new possibilities you naturally couldn’t see before. Flowers that genuinely help your customers design a flourishing design. Mix Tulip Frill Yellow Valery, Ranunculus Cloony Niveus, Viburnum Roseum, and Daffodil Texas for a refreshing spring feeling. Visit our webshop to see all our current offerings or contact your account manager about availability.

Spring Floral Poke Bowl | Holex Flower

List of Flowers Used

  1. Tulip Matchmaker – Use this Tulip with some pastel colored flowers to match the spring.
  2. Syringa Madame Florent Stepman – This white Syringa will bring a delicate romantic vibe to your spring designs.
  3. Tulip Double Pamplona – Incredibly attractive. This Tulip has an alluring red color and transforms spring flowers into bewitching floral arrangements.
  4. Daffodil Dick Wilden – Brighten your spring with our colorful Daffodil Dick Wilden in your spring inspirations.
  5. Tulip Frill Uber – This deep red Tulip with a touch of orange outlines brings grace to any bouquet.
  6. Tulip Frill Santander – Astonishing textures. This Tulip brings depth to your spring inspirations.
  7. Daffodil Delnashaugh – Truly a hidden gem. This Daffodil will visually enrich your work.
  8. Fritillaria Meleagris – Really out of the box. Mix this Fritillaria with rough textures to achieve a wild look.
  9. Tulip Milkshake – Create something exceptional. Tulip Milkshake has a sweet pink color and is fitting for a rose gold spring wedding bouquet.
  10. Ranunculus Aazur Salmon – This beautiful salmon color combines greatly with a living coral palette.
  11. Daffodil Ice King – Turn your bouquet into something majestic with this eye-catching Daffodil.
  12. Viburnum Roseum – Transform your spring with Viburnum Roseum. Bring this versatile green to life in your customer’s designs.
  13. Freesia Brownies – Your creativity makes it stunning. Mix Freesia Brownies into your floral design to elevate your creations.
  14. Scilla Peruviana –  Amazing Scilla. Bewildering shapes to spice up your floral designs.
  15. Hyacinthus Ibis – Grown for spring. Hyacinthus Ibis has a charming pink color and blends amazingly with a pastel color palette.
  16. Daffodil Dutch Master – Capture the attention with this vibrant Daffodil.
  17. Iris Blue Magic – Truly entrancing. Bewitch your customers with this alluring shaped Iris.
  18. Tulip Antarctica – This virtuous Tulip enhances your innocent look to your customers floral designs.
  19. Tulip Salmon Parrot – Warm up this spring with this Tulip. Perfect with a living coral palette.
  20. Tulip Frill Yellow Valery – Reimagine spring. Enhance your spring with this breathtaking Tulip.
  21. Muscari Manon – This innocent looking flower will add a soft touch to a pastel color palette.
  22. Ranunculus Cloony Niveus – Pure white. This charming Ranunculus will fill your designs with a purity.
  23. Muscari Big Smile – This blue colored Muscari variety creates a synergy effect with Ranunculus Cloony Niveus and Muscari Manon for an enchanting dusty blue wedding design.
  24. Ranunculus Cloony Venere – Add little bit sweetness in your spring bouquet.
  25. Ranunculus Cloony Fragolino – So seductive in every way. Perfect for a mesmerizing floral arrangement.
  26. Daffodil Texas – Play with color. This vibrant yellow color will turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.
  27. Ranunculus Aazur Apricot – Spring is all around you. Combine Aazur Apricot that perfectly expresses your spring.
  28. Tulip White Ice – Whether you’re looking for spring flowers or Easter flowers, this Tulip adds a touch of both to your inspiration.
  29. Ranunculus Cloony Grand Pastel – Outstanding in size and color. This Ranunculus has a peach color and brings a powerful vibe to a Living Coral Wedding design.
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