Video Tutorial: Modern Fall Corsage with Copper Wire

Be inspired by this video tutorial and learn how to create a modern fall corsage with copper wire and Alchemilla, Amaranthus, and Sedum for your wedding or prom!

Time: 5 – 10 minutes | Difficulty: normal (***)


  1. Floral tape
  2. Cotton lace
  3. Decorative flat copper wire
  4. 2 Decorative pins
  5. 2 Safety pins
  6. Sharp knife
  7. Secateurs


  • 1 stem Sedum Atropurpurea
  • 1 stem Alchemilla Robustica
  • 1 stem Amaranthus Hot Biscuit
  • 1 stem Papaver Seedbox
  • 1 stem Carnation (Dianthus) Essiana

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Steps for making the Modern Fall Corsage:

  1. Take 20 centimeter of the copper wire, then bend it (by hand) in a graceful shape. For example, in a curled shape.
  2. Clean and cut the flowers. Keep 10 cm left of each stem
  3. Tie the flowers together and cut again, so that all the stems have the same length.
  4. Tie the stems, including iron wire, with floral tape together. The tape is not sticky, you can pull the tape apart and wrap tight around the stems and the copper wire.
  5. Cut the tape off.
  6. Tie the cotton lace around the stems and cut off, use the pins to secure.
  7. Put one pin in the bottom and the other one at the top of the corsage.
  8. Attach the safety pins, stitch through the lace.
  9. Your modern fall corsage is ready for use!