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North-American Customers: NEW! The Bleached Designer Box That Will Increase Your Sales Instantly!

Do you know the feeling that you do not dare to forecast how next week’s agenda will look? How many customers you will receive in your C&C, how many will want to order for a last-minute planned event? It’s hard to predict which products you need to have available in stock. Well, our Miami team offers our North-American customers a solution!

The Miami webshop department has expanded the dried and bleached range with products of Magic Flowers from Ecuador. Besides single product boxes, we also offer a very convenient mix box! The Bleached Designer Box is a ready-to-sell box, with trendy products that are everlasting, in amounts that any designer can handle.

Bleached Designer Box: Trendy Mix & Convenient Size!

The box consists out of 33 units, and contains the following varieties: Bismark Palm, Vines Inga L, Shampoo Ginger Dried, Loafa Sponge, Stopa, Banana Paper, Gorso, Caryota Bleached, Jungle Apple, Sugar Cane, Pennisetum, Straw Palm, Loafa Shell, White Chili, Eucalyptus, Sago Palm, and Bamboo.

Bleached Designer | Holex Flower

Why You Should Order

Visit the Miami webshop department to check availability and pricing! For any questions, please contact your Holex USA Sales Rep. He or she is available upon request to assist you.

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